Nov 1, 2012

On the topic of: the future


I have set this post to publish on the day I am in class giving my final course presentation... ever.

Architecture model by Amy MacLeod -

Studying architecture was one of those things I wanted to do since I was tiny.
I used to read blueprints for fun when the other kids were reading Dolly magazine. Such a weirdo...

Architecture model by Amy MacLeod -

So as you read this, I am probably in class, sweaty-palmed, heart-palpitating, sick to my stomach with nerves over the presentation.... and also VERY excited.

The future is freakishly, dauntingly unknown. I have BIG dreams and I 100% intend to achieve them. ASAP. But my brain is in a bit of a knot trying to plan where to begin.

Architecture model by Amy MacLeod -

This past year has been an eye-opener for me. Maybe it's being married to the world's most supportive man, or maybe it's growing up and figuring out where my real passions lie, but I am actually confident enough to believe I can go somewhere with my ideas.

{If you knew how fearful I was growing up and the ridiculous amount of time it took for me to gain any self-esteem, you would know that's kind of a big deal for me.}

I'm not 100% sure what the future holds for me. What I do know is that I am crazily, fanatically (and at times frustratingly) wired for interior design.
Now THAT is something that makes my heart go super-bass, na' mean?

Did you take a leap of faith to achieve your career dreams? Do you still have them?
Watch this space, homies!
I'm back tomorrow with a bit of a DIY post. :)


  1. So crazy!!!! Congrats lady!!!!!

  2. I hope your presentation went well Amy. Sounds like it's been a great year for you. I say 'follow your dreams and your passion'. I live and breathe interiors as well. Training as a graphic designer and working in the advertising & design industry for years gave me an awesome background, but it's the world of interiors that I want to be working in ' love it! x

  3. Happy last presentation day! What a BIG day! Hope it went well :) You will do great things, my friend. I know it. Such a talent. I feel the same way sometimes, too. I want to start my business ASAP, like you said, but know I should probably work for someone first. Stressful to think about at times!

  4. CONGRATS! how exciting, hopefully it all went well, and i'm sure it did! you'll be a huge success however things end up working out :)

  5. Hope your presentation went well!!! I just finished university back in April so I definitely know the feeling! I'm still not entirely sure what the future holds for me, but I'm excited to see where it takes me! All the best for your future plans!! xo

  6. that's an awesome work..i myself tried my hand in making Barcelona pavilion but the work was not so impressive as yours.i am a first year B Arch student from Kerala, India

  7. that's an awesome work.. i myself tried my level best to make Barcelona pavilion but dint go well..not so neat ..and even got a redo for that.. :) i am a first year B Arch student from Kerala ,India.


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