Hola: An update

Hello people of the earth!
I owe you an update.

There's been a lot going on lately and it's been a month since I was last here... oops. The truth is that I've been extremely sick so you'll just have to forgive me.

Here's what's been happening around here!

1. We bought a house.
 We still have about another month here (at 'the Nest' - our small townhouse/apartment) before we move out, but it was nice to see how quickly we managed to arrange tenants for our current property. The only changes we've made to this property have been cosmetic (repainting, new curtains) but it's been amazing to see how much that affects peoples' opinions of it!
We live in an old block of 4 flats and they are old and ugly on the outside.... but we've made ours lovely on the inside.

People are often surprised when they walk inside. 
Here are some of the photos we used in the rental ad:

via Amy MacLeod 
via Amy MacLeod

via Amy MacLeod

via Amy MacLeod

The new house is much more of a family home - although how long it will take us to have money to redecorate etc I don't know. I'll share pictures of it in all it's 70s glory when the time comes.

 2. I'm speaking at an Interior Design event in about 2 weeks.

 Obviously, I'm slightly freaked out. But also confident that I've been given an opportunity to speak about something I am passionate about! My plan at this stage is to actually make-over a "room" on stage.

I'm hoping to have helpers who will magically shift furniture and add in accessories as I talk through the rationale behind each decision.

We'll been starting with plain charcoal couches and a dark coffee table (typical New Zealand furniture/colour-scheme!) and then I'll diagnose the problems (visually too heavy on the bottom, no highlights, etc) and my helpers will begin to work their magic.

We'll be adding lots of colourful cushions and discussing the balance of patterns and colourways (more about those cushions later), switching out some furniture, decorating the walls, adding rugs, etc.

I'm hoping I'll have time to work through 2 or 3 different schemes that will work for different people's tastes.

And if I'm reeeeally organised, I may even have print-outs or some kind of goodies on each person's seat. I can't promise that one tho.

Here's some of my initial workings (just sketched up yesterday, so this is still in the ideas stage):

Concept board - charcoal couches - Amy MacLeod
If you are in Wellington, New Zealand on Monday, November 11th, come hear me!
There will also be some other lovely ladies talking in other segments on kitchen design, and upcycling/repurposing.

3. It's a long weekend here. We are off to a wedding today and then, who knows, an adventure tomorrow? I love being able to be spontaneous! Hoping for lot's of quality time with my babe since I'm feeling a bit better at last.

There are other exciting things coming up -  watch this space! And I'll try to post more frequently. I think having a malfunctioning camera isn't helping!