Colour Theory: Into the Darkness

Darkness is dramatic.

Have you noticed this trend lately? A subtle move away from whites and pale greys, to embrace the drama of deeper, richer hues?

The winning combo features in every picture above:
  dark + white + gold + a highlight colour

Don't get me wrong - light tones and whites will always sweep me off my feet, but a dramatic black wall can really set the space off - nothing like some contrast! I wouldn't mind a small dark wall in my place.

Would you embrace the dark side?


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Sunday Sweets - a (sugary) wedding project

I have this weird thing where I know I'm getting married this week, but I totally don't feel like it's really happening.(... it's still a few months away right.....?)

I made these candy-jar labels last week for our candy buffet. I can't get over the volume of sugar in our house... I was literally surrounded by piles of it in the kitchen!

The actual tag-part of these labels was a free printable from Eat Drink Chic - there is loads of fun stuff there.... the rest of the labels I just made up as I went along. Just like me with cooking actually!

P.S I am a little embarrased about the photo quality. My photographer friend will be taking REAL photos at some point. You know, the kind with perfect lighting, that aren't over-exposed? Can't wait to share some at a later date!

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How to style a coffee table - and a peek at our new place

So, a few days ago we started setting up our new house!

I literally have fluttery-heart-syndrome when I think about it because having a place to do anything I want to, is a dream come true. (That is, anything-I-want-within-a-tiny-budget - still totally a fun challenge.)

That said, I need a little help. We bought a brass & glass coffee table (below) for $20 second hand, and I need to learn how to style it.

Here's the table on the day we started moving in, earlier this week:

As you can see, I threw some items on there and then went back to the painting/sanding/unpacking that we are going nuts on. The paintings on the mantle were my experiment to see proportions (we want to use the frames for something, sometime) and I have already changed the room around since then, but you get the idea... wanna see the other side of the room?

 I know, I know, STUNNING.

Can not WAIT to begin ADDING COLOUR and getting it all properly set up. On our tiny, teeny, newly-wed budget. :)

I was meaning to post some wedding-related stuff since I am getting married in a week from tomorrow, but to be honest all our energy is going into getting this little home ready for us to move into after the honeymoon.

We have never lived together before so this little house is our first big adventure.

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Naomi Stein's eclectic loft apartment

Lately I am obsessed with spaces that have tonnnnes of detail. It helps feeds my insatiable design lust  ;)
This loft apartment - belonging to designer Naomi Stein - does the trick. I'm intrigued by her personal style - chic with a strong thread of ethnic, and touches of Hollywood Regency. Eclectic indeed. She punctuates with bold colours and puts together the most unusal combos.

I think my favourite part is the pink wall hanging! What's yours?

These images come from her blog 'Design Manifest' here and from Design Sponge here.

Weekend interior: Light and airy (and a little bit peachy?)

This dining room from the pages of Lonny was such an eye-catcher for me - there are SO many things going on and I find it fascinating to see how all the different elements come together to form a seamless space that appears perfectly balanced... especially the contrast of dark chairs and dark hydrangeas, vs the light, bright paintings and 'angel-feather' (or whatever it's called) pendant light.

One thing did concern me though........ are peach walls coming back???

Your Style: Hollywood Regency

Hollywood Regency 
= a design style originating from Hollywood's Golden Era (the 30's) that focuses on:

Socialising and Glamour 
and is big on "Luxury" materials such as:
- thick fluffy carpets
- shiny metals
- velvet
- chandeliers

{ Basically, Hollywood Regency = everyday-Glam }

Typically you will see deep, rich hues (like say Peacock blue) and bold elegant patterns (like chain-link)

Am I the only one who was clueless on Hollywood Regency until this last week??? I've heard the term thrown around but never quites got it figured out until now! Let me know if you see anything incorrect, or have something to add! other news I am getting married in TWO WEEKS.
Also my fiance has bought a house and we are painting our little hearts out getting it ready.

I have lots of post ideas to share with you including, maybe: outfit posts, wedding stuff, and house-reno projects in the not-tooo-distant interviewing some of YOU (not boring interviews. I only like the juicy bits) once we get ourselves together..! Any other ideas? Watch this space.


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Colour Theory - the art of using White


I am a colour NUT but to me there is nothing quite so perfect as white. All colours look stunning against white - it's just a matter of knowing how to use it correctly.

I've found the key to avoid that stark, cold, minimalist look is really quite simple: Texture + Layers.

  • Don't be afraid to have 2 or 3 textiles that are slightly different shades and textures of white - put them together and see what happens!
  • It helps if you provide a touch of contrast with a highlight colour (whether bright, soft, or something natural like wood) that really sets the white off.
  • Remember that "white" in the design world can refer to various different tones - creams, light neutrals, even very pale greys. Creams are warmer, while pure whites and greys are cooler. It depends what look you are going for.
 If you want an easy way to start using white - I recommend setting your table using several different sized and shaped white tablecloths layered over each other. If you have some that are lace, or crochet, or embroidered then all the better! A bunch of textured flowers like peonies in the middle is stunning.

Do you like decorating with whites?