Your Style: Hollywood Regency

Hollywood Regency 
= a design style originating from Hollywood's Golden Era (the 30's) that focuses on:

Socialising and Glamour 
and is big on "Luxury" materials such as:
- thick fluffy carpets
- shiny metals
- velvet
- chandeliers

{ Basically, Hollywood Regency = everyday-Glam }

Typically you will see deep, rich hues (like say Peacock blue) and bold elegant patterns (like chain-link)

Am I the only one who was clueless on Hollywood Regency until this last week??? I've heard the term thrown around but never quites got it figured out until now! Let me know if you see anything incorrect, or have something to add! other news I am getting married in TWO WEEKS.
Also my fiance has bought a house and we are painting our little hearts out getting it ready.

I have lots of post ideas to share with you including, maybe: outfit posts, wedding stuff, and house-reno projects in the not-tooo-distant interviewing some of YOU (not boring interviews. I only like the juicy bits) once we get ourselves together..! Any other ideas? Watch this space.


Pic sources:
1. via Small Shop Studio
2. Decor Pad
3. Emily Henderson
4. Elle Decoration
5.via Pinterest (it wasn't correctly cited - if you know the original source let me know)


  1. Hollywood Regency style is so bold & glamorous! I love it though I don't think it would work in my space. Congrats on your upcoming wedding! You must be so excited and busy!

  2. Wow, what a cool time for you... a wedding and a new house, how exciting! I'm diggin' the Hollywood Regency style (can't say I'd heard of it before), truely gorgeous. The first pic is my fav, the colours are beautiful, and I like mixing new and old pieces. xxx

  3. i'm in love with all of this glamorousness!

  4. I am not too familiar with Hollywood regency but the mirror does add to that feel..chevron is a very old pattern originating in Europe I believe, but it has been modernised with the mix of colors. This could pass for part Hollywood Regency/part eclectic. Thank you for visiting and commenting..I am now following you. And enjoy the wedding!

  5. I love that blue tufted office chair! So luxe for work!

  6. Two weeks until your wedding?!? That's so exciting!!

    Love this post too. Gorgeous images.

  7. Hi Amy

    Strange, lovely serendipity. I found your blog through your comment on mine (thank you!) and then yesterday I was googling 'chevron hallways' for a project I'm doing and your site came up again! I'm clearly meant to read it :)

    I love this style, although I didn't know that's what it's called. Do you know why? 1930s Hollywood is pretty much my favourite design era. I desperately want a Hollywood Art Deco bungalow and paint it in all those dusky pinks and bright greens. Problem is that there aren't a lot of those in London.

    Lovely blog, it looks great!

    Annie xx

    PS do you know your About Me page isn't working?

  8. Hello I wish you were mine! Also loving that blue desk chair!

  9. Hi Amy

    I love your post and your blog is lovely. I'm a big fan of trying new things out when it comes to decorating and I'm always looking for new things to inspire me - so I'll be bacK !

    Thanks for popping by mine too.

    1. The fourth and fifth spaces are my favorite! Oh my goodness, I can't believe you're getting married in just a few weeks. That's so exciting! Congratulations, and happy last minute planning. :)

  10. Love this post! Like you, I've heard the term tossed around and had an idea what it meant, but I love to see the full definition with examples (gorgeous examples!) Congrats on getting married and I hope it's an absolutely amazing day for you!

  11. Hi Amy, thank you for stopping by my blog and your lovely comments! I have been blogging for a couple of years but it is only recently that I have started to post on a more regular basis....

    I love Hollywood regency.. I am about to re-design my lounge and dining room and the back drop will be grey. The image with the peacock blue and polished metals is a great inspiration of how I could introduce colour and texture


  12. oh....I just realised that you commented on my old blog - if you click on my name here that should take you to the current one 'All things House and Beautiful'

  13. Chevron patterns were used in the 1930's and again in the 1970's. I would say this has more of a 30's ish appeal. Nice! :)


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