Wedding: girl's morning

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{photos by Liz Bebbington Photography, and me where stated}
The getting-ready was probably my favourite part of the wedding. It was so calming to know I would be with these girls during those nervous pre-wedding hours.
Because ours was a daytime wedding, we started with breakfast and tea in the early morning, and used some vintage teacups I bought in a tiny village store in the South Island.

Being a super organisation freak I had it all laid out the night before.. and we started with hair and makeup at 6am..... thank God for happy bridesmaids who didn't complain!!! :)

If you missed it:


DIY wedding: Signage, cake, wedding favours

Welcome back to DIY wedding week!
Last time I went over our hand-made DIY wedding invites, and all about wedding colours, and today it's all about the details....

DIY Pink Lemonade sign, and bunting

... like signage.

We had a garden wedding (with pink lemonade, champagne, and petanque) so most of this stuff went inside in the drinks/gifts/mingling rooms. 

I painted the Pink Lemonade sign based on some vintage signs on the internet, and sewed the bunting very roughly out of some of my favourite fabrics. The yellow fabric was worn by my mum as a bridesmaids dress years ago.

DIY garden wedding, details at

Just a tip: Be extremely specific with your instructions if you are leaving the set-up to someone else! I secretly wish I hadn't left it all to the venue staff, and if you are a design freak like me I recommend doing it your yourself with a few helpers. And by design freak I mean control freak.

This little photo book for guests to look at, was made just by glueing pictures onto a blank book from a craft store. Easy.

DIY garden wedding, details at
 The guest book was a lucky find at a book shop a week or two before the wedding, and I bought the picture frame for $6 at a second-hand shop. It was all old and crusty wood, so I painted it a brassy gold, and then stuck a print-out of the sign onto it. 
The template for the sign was free to download from Eat drink chic blog.

DIY garden wedding, details at
 Likewise, I used a free downloadable template from Wedding Chicks website to create this 'logo' with our names. I then used it on top of the Order of Services which we printed out, then rolled up into little scrolls.

DIY garden wedding, details at
 On the day, they were left in a basket outside for people to take as they arrived to the garden.
{Since I hadn't arrived at that point, I assume that's what happened based on the photos I was given later!}

DIY garden wedding, details at
 I love this photo by Liz Bebbington Photography of our table flowers. I had 3 little glass bottles on each table, and they were filled with garden flowers and little table number flags that I cut out from the paper of striped candy bags, and wooden skewers. The look was perfect - happy, sunshiney, and home-madey.

One of my favourite parts was...
DIY garden wedding, details at

The candy buffet! I loved that there was an old piano we could put the candy on. I just collected jars over the months before the wedding (most were $6 at Farmers! woot) and then decorated them myself with ribbons and labels.

The heart garland behind it says "Love is Sweet" with one gold sticker letter on each cardboard cut-out heart, which I then pegged to a gold string.

DIY garden wedding, details at
 The lolly jars were just a matter of sticking the ribbon on with the pinwheel sticker, and attaching the label (also a free download from Eat Drink Chic)

I then bought a pack of "$2 mix lolly bags" (Kiwis out there know what I mean - these are a classic paper candy bag that are super common in New Zealand) and downloaded these labels for free from Betsy White in yellow.
The mini pegs came from the $2 Shop. These double as name-cards - they were just laid on the plate at each plate and then guests could go and fill up their own bag.
DIY garden wedding, details at

For the cake, I bought some hot pink wooden birds and transformed them into cake toppers - with some paint, cardboard hearts, and popsicle sticks.
DIY garden wedding, details at
And then, the day before the wedding, my Mum and I stayed at home and baked chocolate cakes.
I then iced them myself using a YouTube tutorial for frill icing...

I think they turned out quite pretty!

Phew, that was a lot of DIY... anyone out there had the same experience of feeling like you barely got a glimpse of all the details at your own wedding, because you were so busy with other stuff??

Tomorrow it's all about the pretty things - you know, like dresses and jewellery and tea parties.


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How to: DIY Wedding Invites

Hi folks,

The last couple of days you've seen an intro to our wedding planning, and all about choosing a colour scheme, and today I'm going to show you how I made the invitations for our DIY wedding. I hope this will help someone with their own invites!

The Invites

I'll be honest - I was frustrated with the wedding invites available to buy here in New Zealand. Most looked like tacky clipart printed on a sheet, selling for a ridiculous price. I knew I could do better and wanted something personalised, so I got out my paintbrushes...

DIY wedding invite, New Zealand
... and created a base picture to put the invite on. It's a stylised painting based on the area where the wedding was to be held, which was surrounded by cabbage trees and pohutukawa trees and looked out over the Porirua harbour {we had an outdoor garden wedding}. It was something different and we both love our beautiful country, so it made sense.

Then I scanned it to the computer and completed the rest of the invite in Photoshop:

DIY wedding invite
My husband printed them {2 per piece of A4 paper} and I cut each one out.

The inserts
Speaking of cutting, most invites require some extra info on separate inserts. I also made these doily-hearts with each guest's name on it, so that I wouldn't have to write it onto the invitation itself.
DIY wedding invite

{the process}

It was a bit of a mission cutting 90 hearts and then glueing 90 pieces of doilie to them - but worked out being almost free as the doilies came in large packs from the $2 shop and I already had the cardboard.
DIY wedding invite

As for the other inserts - I made one for the RSVP postcard, and one as an info sheet.
They were fairly simple designs and also done in Photoshop, then printed and cut out.

DIY wedding invite

The cheap square brown envelopes were ordered from Australia, and were exactly what I wanted. You couldn't get them in NZ... it took a bit of research but I ended up getting them for 30c each... sweet deal.

The finished result

DIY wedding invite

DIY wedding invite. Five Kinds of Happy

DIY wedding invite by Amy @ Five Kinds of Happy

They turned out totally original and personal to us... but I was definitely relieved to finally post them away! 

I'm back after the weekend with more on the topic of DIY weddings.... this time how to make your own signage, favours, cake toppers and cake!

Would you make your own wedding invites?

Wedding Part 3: DIY wedding invites

DIY wedding: How to choose wedding colours


I'm kicking off this week of DIY wedding-ness by talking colours...

I was originally going to make this a step-by-step how-to, but I've decided I'm just going to show you how I did it, and what the end result was, in pictures. Enjoy:

1. I created a mood board with all the images I loved most:
Wedding colours, peach, lemon, mustard, gold, grey, neutral, colour board
{The Colour Board I created not long after we got engaged. Or maybe slightly before. Don't tell..}

2. I identified my palette based on the images... roughly
Wedding colours, pastel, palette, peach lemon neutrals yellow
{Try to think in terms of colour families - any shade (e.g light pink, dark pink) within that family is fine it doesn't need to be too matchy matchy!}.

3. Gathering supplies...

I wanted a handmade style wedding with happy, sunshiney colours. I kept that loosely in mind when I chose my products, and they all came together perfectly even though they aren't too matchy matchy.

DIY wedding, DIY favours, DIY seating chart
{Some supplies for candy favours and seating charts}

4. ...and then watch it all come together!

wedding flowers, pastel, peach pink lemon

paper bag wedding favours, candy bags, candy buffet, dollar mix bag

amber brooch, DIY wedding

Yellow lemon tarts

Pastel flower napkins, DIY wedding

Lemon bridesmaid dresses, wedding

Pink, yellow, macaroons, engagement ring, cluster ring

It seems I've always had a thing for pink/peach and yellow?!

We also had DIY wedding invites and I'll be sharing on how I made them tomorrow.
Thanks for stopping by!

What colours would you choose for your wedding?

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My DIY Wedding: An intro

Hello everyone!

Just over two and a half years ago I met my pro-basketball player husband through some mutual friends and church events. Fast forward to last year and we were engaged at our favourite picnic spot, and then as you may know, got married 6 months ago.

For a while I have been meaning to share the pretty details and DIYs {there were a lot}, and now is that time.

diamond cluster ring, oink peonies    lace back wedding dress, grass field

Tomorrow I'll get started on: choosing a Colour Scheme.
I hope to see you there!!

Colour for Friday

How does your home inspire you?

Today while I was going about my usual Friday business making mess, I noticed how many unplanned splashes of colour I'm surrounded by and thought it would be fun to share some of it here today. 

This Pixel print is the first thing I've ever won! From Meikle Design, won from Cush & Nooks blog... thanks!

That moment in my wardrobe this morning that I realised maybe I don't need anymore purple clothes.... maybe.

A random mix of colours on our ever-changing coffee table... this vintage book about landscape painting is from my grandma. Love it!

 My horribly messy dresser... but it's a pretty mess: 

Some kitchen cuteness:

My inspiration wall in the office {which I hope to paint and redo someday soon}

An outfit idea that happened by accident when I spotted these together in a messy pile of clothes:

And my job for today?...

 ..figuring out what to do with these vintage botanical prints that came from another old book of my Grandma's:
I love the prints, but need to frame them in a way that isn't too old-lady! 
Also, I'm plotting a new paint colour for this room. :)

What are you up to for the weekend?
Do you get inspired by random things too?