Apr 8, 2014

Our baby shower (robin's-egg, blush, gender neutral)

This past weekend we had our baby shower. You may remember me talking about it and sharing the moodboard here.

It all came together so perfectly and was such a happy, sunny day where the house was flooded with light and smiles and people we love.

I had planned to stick to mint/robin's-egg-blue + blush as a colour combo (so it's neither too boyish or too girlish - a bit of both) and would you know it, I actually stuck to that plan... kind of rare for me.

The blueish plates were borrowed from my brother's girlfriend, flowers supplied by my mum, food prep & clean up thanks to lovely helpers, and so on...  it was great.

 A lot of the inspiration for colours came from the invitations (below) by Kelli Murray. I recommend using her for custom-looking invites! The baby deer was appropriate (if you know my husband!) and so cute. The owl was actually a card that I used for signage, and with the spare invitations I made food labels that you'll see further down.
{For the record, blueberry muffins were placed on the dish after this photo!}

Our new dining room dresser became a drinks stand. Who needs a bar cart?!

Rather than having the typical organised games, we just had a few scattered activities around the place. One was the advice board below, with pieces of card for people to write on and peg up in an envelope.

Another was getting people to 'name our baby' on these blackboards - one for girls and one for boys. It was fun to see what people came up with!  

{Totally snapped her writing "Eufegenia"... one of the most awesome names of all time!}

It was a brunch, so for food we went with easy-to-prepare but delicious. A whole load of pastries, savoury croissants with different fillings, muffins, lots of fresh fruit and these amazing cocktail sausages with my aunty's recipe were all we needed. Plus tea, coffee, OJ, sparkling water.

  This vintage teaset from my grandma a few years ago finally made it's debut! And totally matched the colour scheme...

For favours, I made some "marshmallow babies" using a mini gingerbread-man cutter and a vanilla marshmallow recipe. My cousin and I had painted the tops of these mini-jars and I wrote 'thanks' on each one using a toothpick dipped in paint. Easy! (ish) (but not really) (marshmallows are tricky!)

{More blush flowers, and a guess-the-number-of-jelly-babies game in the jar, all set up and waiting}

A few action shots taken by my brother...

{Even my grandma made it. So good!}

Only 7 weeks till due date.

Thanks for enduring this photo overload. I hope it inspires someone!

Mar 28, 2014

Living room update, at last!

As you may know, we moved into our current home about 4 months ago, in all it's original 70's glory. At the time we only owned one sofa - a white second-hand piece that served us pretty well in our old living room at the last place, but wasn't really working in our new large living room:


We hummed and hah'ed for ages over getting new ones, and eventually decided that it was time to take the plunge and do it - the kind we could keep forever and that would be comfortable for my talll husband. Also, we could NOT WAIT to be able to have guests around and actually provide them with somewhere to sit! Kind of important.

I took these photos this morning, after the couches were given a test-run at the husband's birthday over the weekened. There was a huge turnout of lovely guests, and these large beauties performed perfectly. For the record, they are more ginormous than they appear - the larger one is nearly 3 metres (~9 feet) wide.

It feels like a real grown-up room now, rather than a half-empty student flat... :)

Living room before and after - Amy MacLeod 
Living room before and after - Amy MacLeod

Living room before and after - Amy MacLeod

The rug (Urban Outfitters) featured in our last living room too. I didn't plan to use it here, but it just happened to work and add the right amount of pattern to the space. Suddenly the teal-green carpet doesn't seem so bad, which is lucky, because new carpet is expensive!

We have cream curtains on their way for this room which should streamline the colour palette a bit further, too. I wouldn't mind some cream cushions as well; these chevron ones get a bit dwarfed:

Living room before and after - Amy MacLeod

  There is such fantastic light in our house (sometimes I have to keep the curtains closed as the sunlight streaming in makes it way too hot. I love it). This corner with the huge ottoman is quickly becoming a favourite reading + hot beverage spot for each of us in the morning.

Living room before and after - Amy MacLeod

I still have plans for this room (as always) like filling in this blank wall with some frames or mirrors.

Living room before and after - Amy MacLeod

Maybe a gallery wall something like this mock-up below?  I'm really keen on some New Zealand landscape paintings for this spot. We'll see...

Living room before and after - Amy MacLeod

Because the room is so large and the couches are on opposite walls, I've pulled this one about 1-2 feet from the wall. It means I can easily walk behind to open curtains, makes the space cosier, and at some point I imagine this would be a good spot to stash toy baskets and things when we have a toddler...

Living room before and after - Amy MacLeod

The third wall houses the TV unit, which is all going to change at some point with the arrival of a piano so it's staying like this for now.

The double doors lead into the dining room with it's gorgeous brown vinyl floors... ;)

Living room before and after - Amy MacLeod

After the party on the weekend, we crashed onto a couch and watched movies and it was BLISS and I actually feel so horribly spoilt and lucky to have big grown-up new couches. I don't know of many people who would say that owning 2 big sofas was a dream come true but.... it was a dream come true.

Here's a satisfying before and after of the current progress of this room.
I always have more to do to a space, but for now it just feels soo lovely in here that I'm quite content.


...and after:

 Living room before and after - Amy MacLeod

 Hope you enjoyed this peek into our home!

Isn't it crazy how much the neutral tones tone down the carpet and general yellow+green vibe that the room was giving off before?

Mar 26, 2014

Dining room update - a bit of shabby chic

These days I get pretty excited every time I can make a change - however small - to our house. Doing something that makes it more functional and more pretty gets me so energised!

Here's a little update to our dining room - you can see the room as it looked shortly after we moved in here. Having a dining room is awesome - we just needed somewhere to store things that didn't belong anywhere else and couldn't fit in the kitchen. I managed to score this shabby chic, duck-egg coloured restored dresser second-hand, and it now fills a gap in the corner and is so useful too.

Dining room corner update - duck-egg shabby chic dresser

I didn't really have any colour direction for this room yet, but I've been drawn to this duck-egg colour for a little while now (check out our baby shower plans for example) and the rest of the room is so neutral that it's perfect.

At some point we plan to re-upholster all the cream dining room chairs (they are worn out and old - we bought them with the express intention of upholstering them but haven't got around to it yet).

Dining room corner update - duck-egg shabby chic dresser

Dining room corner update - duck-egg shabby chic dresser

Let's all politely divert our eyes away from the brown 70's fake tile vinyl floor, shall we?

Dining room corner update - duck-egg shabby chic dresser

 Dining room corner update - duck-egg shabby chic dresser

This photo from our wedding happened to go perfectly and echos the beechy colour of our table top. I also thought it was important to have something with clean/modern lines hanging on the wall over this dresser, rather than an ornate or fiddly gilt mirror say. 70's houses tend to have a lot of clean lines and unfussy details, and I didn't want to detract from that with an overly frilly little corner that didn't really fit. So this picture works.

That's it - a little corner of our home that makes me happy (and gives me somewhere to store tablecloths and things!).
How do you feel about the shabby chic style versus a modern look? Love it or hate it?