Jun 27, 2017

4 months of Josh

In the interests of real-life and ain't-nobody-got-time-for-that, I've copied my excerpt from instagram about J turning 4 months in the next paragraph. I need to take some more photos of this kid other than just the classic baby-sleeping-on-me phone shots. I've included a comparison with Ella at the same age down the bottom - gosh she was cute - and you can see how different they are.... at least, I can't really see similarities with my own kids but what do you think? Are they completely diff or quite similar?

I'm shocked that 4 months have gone past and I've... what... cooked dinners, rocked babies and broken up toddler tantrums seemingly this whole time. He still doesn't take day naps (except in a moving vehicle or with a mouthful of boob - but it has to stay in his mouth) and has started waking up 4-5 times per night this past month... 😴. I kept waiting for him to go almost completely bald and blonde like Ella did but it seems he is a little auburn boy to stay. He is teething fiercely and has been for at least the past month. I also keep hoping he will find his thumb and learn to self-settle like his sister did at this age, but it seems nothing will do except the real thing. 🍈🍈 
My heart has been in shreds since he was born. 💔 Could not be more besotted with this little dude. Also, he thinks having his nappy and clothes changed is h i l a r i o u s  (totally opposite to his sister who would scream the house down every time!).

We're surviving! Somehow! I'm always surprised how we are actually surviving. I have to say one child to two children has felt like a HUGE jump. I know it's different for everyone but this has really tested my fortitude. I don't even know what fortitude it, but it's been tested I tell ya. Just the logistics of getting everything done without leaving my baby in the hands of a 3 yr old; the evening craziness where everything gets beyond challenging; the fact my baby rarely feeds except lying down in the dark but I can't leave my 3 yr old alone in the other room.... and so on. But here we are, alive and well.

Josh at 4 months - (not great lighting and my phone stretches photos a bit, sorry)

[Ella at 4 months]
Ella was scrumptious! I didn't realise I've got a similar little plaid shirt for Josh that he'll fit soon. I often find myself thinking these days that there is no way I could ever have another baby and do all this exhaustion and sleeplessness over again. But then I see these pics of my two babies and wonder what a third baby would look like? What mix of genes would they get? Would we get a little curlytop buddha-baby like I was? Or blonde lanky little guy like Calum was? lol...

Jun 23, 2017

Ella's Room

I have to be honest - I took these pictures this morning on a whim and if you see crumbs in the carpet and dried bread crusts under the chest of drawers just pretend you didn't, ok?

Blogger does this weird thing where it darkens my photos and - honest again - I CANNOT be bothered sorting out the html. I used to do that stuff, and edit photos, but all you mamas know ain't nobodymum got time for that.

Let's begin with a blast from the past.
I was pregnant when we moved in and this was an office. Seeing this pic still makes me nauseous.
... then I painted it and it was temporarily a playroom.... and stayed that way until I was pregnant with Josh and we decided to move Ella in here.

Here it is today:

 A couple of years ago we fixed up this play kitchen for Ella:

(It used to look like this:)

I just painted it, sewed the curtain, and put in the new knobs. I'd really like to replace the cruddy old tap with a little cute brass one but haven't found any yet.

Wardrobe setup is pretty basic and I didn't bother tidying it for pics... but I did paint these wardrobe doors a while back.

Which is an improvement on the original doors below! (And those curtains!! Gak).

I still dream of painting all those wooden doors in our house, and one day we'd like to install new carpet but that's definitely a one-day dream.

Our house is a DUMP right now so I'm going to post another before and after to make myself feel better about life.


And currently:

Don't mind my model who was attempting some kind of acrobatics, and who I didn't bother trying to get clothes on because I pick my battle these days.

Jun 16, 2017

Ella-isms, v1

Three is a fun age. I promised to post a blog post every Friday and in lieu of having anything else prepared, here are some Ella-isms from my equal parts polite and crass, just-turned-3 yr old.


In the car on the way home from church
Ella: I had so much fun at sunday school!!!
Me: Did you? That's great Ella. What did you like about it?
Ella: I just weally like da boys actually.

Just casually to herself one day: "Goodness me look at dis baby! he's so cute and tiny."

Me: Daddy has smelly farts. 
Ella: Me too. I have da smelliest farts in da world

When prancing around in her chosen outfit (below): "I wear dis sometimes, to keep me cute."

After I thank her for something: "you're most welcome!"

Me: What would you like for breakfast Ella?
Ella, in loud stage whisper: Sugar!

Jun 9, 2017

Friday, Peppermint marshmallows (& recipe)

I had this crazy idea that I could *try* to post a blog every Friday.
I've always enjoyed having a Friday read online - my personal fave being the 'Best and Worst Dressed Celebrities' that Stuff.co.nz (New Zealand's news website which, FYI, is about 20% actual news ;) ) put out every Friday.

So here's my Friday contribution!
In a sweet aligning of stars and fate I actually managed to make something yeserday that I've been wanting to make for 1.5 years since we visited Aspen, Colorado in the Winter time and froze our little hineys off.

Aspen is the cutest little town and since we couldn't afford anything from the shops (haha... but really, browsing $6000 handbags has no appeal to me) we ducked out of the snow into a hotel and ordered Hot Chocolates. They came with house-made peppermint marshmallows and we sat there in these big wingback chairs by a ginormous fireplace having our hot drinks. It's one of my favourite memories from that trip.

SO, I had to recreate it, and here I am over a year later ticking that one off my making bucket list.

 I got the recipe from food.com and just adjusted it slightly to be peppermint, and coated with cornflour instead of icing sugar so that they wouldn't get sticky again. (Icing sugar dissolves...)

It made a heaping container full and I set them in a smaller pyrex casserole dish so they'd be extra thick. (I captured some of the process in my Insta-stories - it will expire in about 8 hours!)

And I should add - they taste as good as they look! Silky smooth, light as air and instantly melty when you pop one in your mouth. 

My taste tester agrees.

You DON'T need a candy thermometer of any of that annoying jazz that always puts me (and probably you) off making confectionary items. It really is as easy as waiting until the mixtures starts boiling, then throwing it all into your mixing bowl and beating for a few minutes. I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was! I chose this recipe because it doesn't require corn syrup/glucose syrup. So you are pretty much guaranteed to have the ingredients in your pantry already.

Here's my adapted recipe:


2 tablespoons gelatin
8 tablespoons cold water
2 cups granulated sugar
1⁄2 cup cold water
1⁄4 teaspoon salt
2teaspoons peppermint extract

  1. Dust an 8- or 9-inch square pan with cornflour / corn starch. Set aside.
  2. In a small bowl, soak gelatin in 8 tbsp cold water. Set aside.
  3. Combine granulated sugar and 1/2 cup of water in a large heavy saucepan.
  4. Cook and stir over medium heat until dissolved.
  5. Add gelatin and bring to a boil.
  6. Remove from heat. Pour into a large mixing bowl and let stand until partially cool.
  7. Add salt and peppermint extract, along with 3 drops of green food colouring (you can add more if needed once you start mixing).
  8. Beat with an electric mixer until soft and double in volume. About 10-15 minutes.
  9. Pour into prepared pan to about 1 inch thick.
  10. Set to cool until it will not stick to your finger.
  11. Cut into 1.5 inch pieces with a hot knife and roll in corn flour / corn starch