Mar 20, 2015

Grey tufted headboard in the Master Bedroom

After about 5 months deliberating over fabric choices (actually) I finally pulled the trigger on this grey number for our tufted headboard! I loved it then I hated it and now I definitely love it. Mainly because it looks so amazing with pink and while I never intended on bringing pastel pink into the bedroom... it works and it feels SO cosy and fresh when you walk in there. Like a hotel room with clothes all over the floor and broken lamps.
{I don't know why blogger is making this blurry but, no time for problem solving so, onward!}
Do excuse my shabby pictures. I was going to make them extra pretty and professional looking and then I was like, why??? 
{A better shot at our crooked new roman blind, which I love, and I don't know why it's crooked right now. Sorry}
 Realities: broken lamp, 'gallery' wall that needs to be redone completely, pink scarf that I would like to make into a cushion if I ever ever get time, and yellow curtain. More on that in a sec.

Just incase you thought there was anything less than perfection in this room (I'm being sarcastic...) here's a look at another wall with a very lonely painting on it that needs lots of friends whom we can't afford yet:

{Personal favourite: the slick and shiny orange veneer doors from the 70s. Scrumptious. :s }
And again, the wall you enter the room through...
Things to do: Replace mirror with something ivory and interesting. Like bone inlay/ pearly stuff / wooden carved detail? I'm brainstorming. Also, we really want to replace the sliding wardrobe door with something white and beautiful and more functional! Like bi-folding louvred doors. But we were quoted $800 for those... can you beat that? $200 anyone?
{Note my super practical laundry-lid hook so that we can literally throw clothes straight into the hamper without having to lift the lid. I'm practical like that ;) )

These pink pillowcases were from an end-of-line sale at Collected and I got them for so cheap! 

Another reality shot: Mismatched curtains. Oh yes. We are not too classy for this. 
Let's just say I was replacing the old blue ones with the other old lemon ones, and then realised the lemon ones let way too much light through. They lemon ones are marginally more good-looking so I let them stay until I can figure out a solution. The plan was to put white slatted blinds underneath (to look like plantation shutters almost) but it's like $400 to do a window of this size and they wouldn't even be a custom fit. I'm waiting for a sale. Until then, no-one OCD come in here ok?

P.S I don't exactly love the lemon ones, but we had them lying around and they brighten the room compared to the blue ones. Cream would be ideal, if I could just find a $1000 note lying on the street... #ideal

So that's where we are at now.
          Still to suss: 
                - the wall colour
                - wardrobe doors
               - pictures and art and things
               - curtains.
               - lamp

And because it's always fun... here's the before and current views:


I feel like these photos make the before look really good. Ack. Darn editing skills of the past.


Mar 17, 2015

Autumn/Winter Bucket list.

I love Autumn. I love the golden sunny days and cold crisp mornings; I love that Easter happens in Autumn (in the Southern Hemisphere); I love the change of seasons; and I get abnormally excited about my birthday in April. And NOW I also have my daughter's birthday to obsessively plan 3 months in advance, too. YAY

Anyway, here are some of my crackalackin' goals to get me through the cold season. But first... things I ticked off my Summer bucket list:

 - I finished the yarn ball wreath Christmas decoration! Just 3 months after Christmas. What can I say, glueing onto polystyrene is a nightmare. I don't even want to look at it anymore.

{5 seconds of fame and down to the basement it goes...}
- The felt donuts and guest bedroom do-over you have already seen. I can't lie, the guest bedroom needs more doing over. Because I'm pedantic like that. And after I bought the lamps and things on a whim (because! They're modern! And boxy blonde wood will never go out of style no matter how tacky. Am I right Ikea?!) and I suppose I'm now doing my classic-Amy ho-hum-don't-know-if-I-like-it-anymore thing. But I think some new pillowcases and such could rectify it and I just got a $10 bargain at Collected so... we shall see!

Onto the Autumn bucket list! Which is kind of overwhelming me in an excellent design freak crafty person way.

1.  Do something about this office. I mean I don't even care what:

{Clearly I do actually care a lot and will be super picky and indecisive over it for the next 6 months}
 2. Finish our bedroom. Because we got this headboard and it's making me really happy! Except when it's making me really unsure if I chose the right colour and I feel like grey is depressing. Which is every second day.
{I'm banking on how pink fixes everything.}{P.S I broke the lamp hanging pictures. Better add lamp-fixing to this list} 

3. A first birthday for my girl. I think this will be a super small and casual affair but that doesn't stop me needing to plan it and put the entire party into a ziplock bag 3 months in advance. Because if I blink I'll miss it so... forward thinking!

4. Watercolour paintings. I shouldn't even go here because I'm still working on an oil painting that has taken about 2 years but... I just feel like Ella needs some watercolour animals in white frames on her bedroom walls and I don't feel like paying $50 per painting. But watch this space because one watery disaster is probably all it will take.

{Susan Windsor deer painting}
5. Yarn-ball bouquet. Don't ask, it's weird. But if I can pull it off I'll show you.

6. Make Ella's room a bit more cool. It's kind of on the right track and much different to how I had it when I was pregnant with her (thankfully!) but I have some ideas! Most of which involve money so excuse me while I go sell my liver.

7. About money. Making it. I've got some ideas for taking on interior design clients in a limited form for some really to-the-point advice about your design problems. It would be perfect for people who want a fresh set of eyes to tell them what would make their room awesome. It would be a one-stop shop and all done online... i.e. it's entirely up to the client if they want to accept the advice or not and I will never know if they take my recommendations or not. I just want to help people make their rooms pretty! But I don't want the tedious back-and-forth and paying-by-the-hour and constant revisions that makes this stuff so difficult for the average person. Thoughts?

Wow I thought I had another hour in the nap bag but now the howling wind wakes the babe up. I have 30 seconds to straighten my hair, do all the dishes from the weekend (it's Tuesday..) and get ready to run all the errands one could wish to run. Typing so fast right now.

Feb 19, 2015

Spare bedroom - upholstered floral headboard and more

It was in my bucket list of things to get done around Christmas and amazingly the guest bedroom was all finished and painted on Christmas Eve, right before our guests arrived.

One thing about our current house is that sometimes it looks better in person than in photos... I'm just learning this! It's the opposite to our last tiny place which photographed awesome.

This house is big and spacious and sunny - people seem to love being here and we love that. But the bright and airy vibe is hard to translate into pictures for some reason.

Anyhoo, here's the room from the doorway:

And just before we carry on, you might remember that it used to look like this...

[When we had just moved in]
 .... and then it was like this (below) for a while as I went nuts upholstering the headboard with a 'normal colour' fabric (navy).

I bought thin sheets of wood, fixed them over the slatted headboard you see above and then stapled wads of foam and batting around it, followed by fabric.

And I hated how it ended up!

(The boring blue that didn't last long, and the yucky apricoty cream walls behind)

I was so disappointed that what I had hoped was a safe option looked so blah. The Huz confirmed it when he told me 'you should do whatever you want to do. Since when have you cared what anybody else thinks?'

So naturally I changed it to a pink floral.

...and painted the walls in a pale aqua/mint and a neutral chalky cream.

The cream/lemon curtains used to be in our lounge, and the bedside tables are from our bedroom before we replaced them with bigger modern ones. I replaced the short yellow curtains above the bed with the roman blind, and put those modernish little lamps in although I'm unconvinced about them with the classic style drawers... but they have to stay for now.

I also just set up this little desk area so I can finally have a baby-free area to spend 5 if-I'm-lucky minutes sometimes to myself to think or pray or do whatever. I didn't really want any clutter there so it's not styled or filled with accessories like all the beautiful design bloggers desks that I see on the interwebs!

 Last but not least, there's a piano down here which was from my grandma. I just popped some leftover headboard fabric on the seat part.

 So there you have it, a quick update that massively changed this room, in person at least!

There is plenty more I would love to finish in this room (don't get me started) but without the time or money or any of that, it's doing it for now, and I figured I better just publish it before it ends up never happening.



Feb 9, 2015

Master Bedroom progress update

I really miss posting about design projects and home makeovers. In recent days there have been little glimmers of time and energy where I've been able to do a bit more in this area. You may remember that a year or so ago we moved into this 70's house and then had a baby. Recently, after a year of living with no furniture in our bedroom other than the bed and these tiny bedside tables below...

Master Bedroom progress - fresh, warm, light - BEFORE
{Shortly after we moved in and bought a bed}
.... it became clear that the mess was out of control and we needed some proper storage solution for our clothes, and some surface area to put things. Our bedroom is really wide so the small bedside tables were lost against the wall. 

I found these sets of drawers (below) at Freedom Furniture and although we had to build them ourselves and ran into a few hiccups with parts not being supplied or being scratched, they are now ideal and exactly fit our space.

Master Bedroom progress - fresh, warm, light
{Husband's side with the new drawers}
It's a small step in the right direction. I love the warmth of the wood (which is still pale enough to not look orangey at all) and the width it adds to the room, visually. It also provides a bit more surface area to keep random bits and pieces:

What I don't love in this room...

Master Bedroom progress - fresh, warm, light 

...are the curtains! The whole scale of them is off and does nothing to flatter the dimensions of the room (which is really quite large). I also really dislike the colour of them in this room - they draw out all the cold/musty tones when I would prefer something fresh and warm and haven-like.

Speaking of tones, allow me to share this rendering I just whizzed up in 5 seconds. I know I know, my skills are off the hook:

Master Bedroom progress - fresh, warm, light
Amazingest photoshop of all time
I think I could have done a better job in Microsoft Paint and you'll have to forgive the random greigey mottled walls and all... but baby's naptime is almost over so time is of the essence!

But what I'm trying to say is, some less invasive window treatments such as a horizontal blind over the bed in a neutral colour, will open up the whole wall and elongate it visually. Then potentially some floor length curtains on the big side window (where the current half-length ones are) in a lighter colour. And in case you are pondering that weird green line I drew over the pillows - it's a potential headboard placement. In what colour I do not know. I really really really like the look of pale ones (off-whites and neutrals) but tan tones look awful with the brown dressers, and cream would show up every little mark or stain. So I don't know. Mint and change the wall colour????

*** Update: here is a more *proper* photoshop rendering showing minty/aqua walls and a cream-neutral headboard superimposed over the photo, to see how it could look:

{I like this look, not convinced about the wall colour but this colour headboard still grabs my attention the most, even tho it would get dirty I suppose.. :( }
 Here's another option with a warmer greyish headboard:
{What are your thoughts??? I really struggle to get on board with darker colours so I don't know... it bores me a little bit!}

In other very exciting news that I'm sure you're reading while seated on the edge of your chair (#oppositeday) is that I moved these Euro pillows up here from the spare bedroom after the husband complained that we didn't have cushy pillows. So for now they are kind of acting like a headboard except for they get plonked on the carpet at night which I find disgusting because of my hair-fluff-and-lint phobia. But I'll get over it...

Master Bedroom progress - fresh, warm, light

All that to say, I hope I have some actual 'After' photos for you sometime soon! And, what colour upholstered headboard would you choose? I usually love bright colours but I'm enjoying the kind of serene vibe that's starting to happen in here!