Organisation: konmari-ing our medicines

I'm just going to go straight out and say I didn't study up on the exact Konmari way to purge medicines, but by this point we'd covered so much else I just did it.

We had a lot of medicines and they were all in different spots around the house. I had been storing them up high in the pantry and it was a nightmare to keep them from becoming a total mess, seeing as I could barely reach them let alone see them!

1. Gather all your medicines into one area.
This means get them from your bathroom, your handbag, your car glovebox... all of them.

2. Discard everything expired, and everything you realistically don't need or would buy fresh if you needed it. We had several double-ups which showed me we weren't even using the old stuff anyway. 

3. Group remaining items by category, OR, do what we did and put everything in ONE BOX.
We had previously had a different box for each category but some overlapped and bascially nothing was getting put back in it's correct box. It was actually making it worse. I purged ours down to the products shown below, but now we have them all in a white plastic container in a locked cupboard in the bathroom. It has really simplified things knowing all the medicines are in one spot.

4. A friend pointed out that you can donate make-up/hair/beauty items that are still good, to an organisation like Women's refuge. So that's something to consider! Often these women leave with only the clothes on their back, so I think this would be appreciated!

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