Christmas and simplicity, 2019

Another blog post in 2019... it's a Christmas miracle ;)

This is really just a little update because I love blogging but don't really have time for it or a real purpose here, other than that it's good for my soul. But I will talk at the end of this post a little more about simplicity and how we're doing it.

We only used our favourite tree decorations this year and left all the rest in that big plastic box (which is at least half full still). I like it more than other years - so I guess the contents of that box can go now!?

Ella is my crafter, she loves making things, and specifically making things or doing any kind of activity with me. So when I casually suggested we could put together some crackers for family members, she collected toilet rolls with gusto. They have no banger inside because she hates those... just a special drawing and a small wrapped lolly. I remember crafting up a storm at christmas when I was a kid, filling my wardrobe with things that no-one probably wanted but they were made with love. I sense gifts and quality time might be her love language.

How good is that Christmas-tree glow.

 I bought this wooden peg-doll & cups set for a few dollars online and dyed them using food colouring for Reuben's gift. They turned out pretty cute; time will tell if they are fun for him or if the dye leaks.

And some ladies at our church had a cookie night so here are more creations, just made with fondant. I'm still dairy-free for the sake of Reuben's feeding, which is probably good or I would have eaten them all myself.

 My sweet boys playing together and accidentally almost matching. Josh is so gentle and kind with his little bro.


Simplicity is such a catch phrase at the moment but I wanted to talk briefly about how we're embracing it at home and how it's helping me keep on top of everything. A couple of little things I've been doing that have made a big difference in my day-to-day:

- firstly, decluttering, but this has been an ongoing project as you'll know from past posts. Having less stuff truly lays the foundation for easier home-making, in my opinion.

- embracing a routine, but not a complicated one. Currently my rules are that I

  • get myself up and fully dressed + hair, teeth and makeup before I go into the living areas or tend to the kids. This is usually pretty early thanks to my small and friendly alarm clock who sleeps in the next room.
  • After that, immediately take all the laundry downstairs and get a load going
  • Then come into living areas, feed baby, launch into morning routine of getting Ella ready for school etc.
  • After school drop off, put Reuben down to nap and use that time to prepare dinner, hang the washing out, clean up from breakfast. I think of this time as 'physical jobs' lol..
  • Then Reuben is up and we have our "window" - that time between naps when you can actually leave the house. So this is used for any errands or coffee catchups etc.
  • Try to get both boys to nap at the same time in the arvo, and use that time to finish preparing dinner, and do my 'admin jobs' and have lunch. And aim to have a rest for myself once the other stuff is done.
  • Then the rest of the day is with the kids, serving dinner, doing homework, surviving witching hour, yada yada, but I try to do a big but quick cleanup at about 4.30 - picking up toys (getting the kids to, actually) and vaccuuming before Calum comes home. It just means the messy work is done and the evening is much calmer for everyone. I'm not a night person and doing housework before bed is just.... nope.
  • Right after dinner, clean kitchen and pack Ella's lunch for next day while Calum gets the big kids to bed. I get baby to bed.
  • Rinse and repeat.
- eating REALLY simple food and being ok with having the same meal several times per week. The pic below is a typical meal here. I can put it all in the oven in advance so I don't spend witching hour stirring over a hot stove. And I serve the brocolli raw because it's good and LESS COOKING DISHES amen.

 In other news, I still love our kids' room update, and the next step is getting Josh into a big bed which will mean a shuffle of all the other furniture (these drawers won't fit anymore, for example).

That's my random little life update + how I'm staying mostly on top of things as a mum of 3 littlies.