Update 2019: Baby, HG, decluttering!

Oh my word, so much has happened since I last blogged that I don't really know where to start!

In September 2018 I found out I was pregnant after feeling dizzy and just suspecting something was up. Our plans to have a "big gap" between Josh and the next baby just didn't quite happen. So, baby #3 is due a few days after Ella's birthday in late May/ early June this year. 

Hyperemesis Gravidarum hit me hard, and I was completely bed-ridden for 2 months. (Read here about my past experience of avoiding Hyperemesis in my last pregnancy with prayer + lots of prep).
This time, I didn't even make it to the couch or get to see any of the other rooms in our house apart from the bathroom, which was lucky because Calum was in survival mode trying to look after me, the kids and run his business from home, so housework was not exactly a priority. I was taking doxylamine succinate and other B vitamins like last time, but they barely seemed to be working. With some support from the amazing facebook group "Preventing Hyperemesis Gravidarum", at 13 weeks I added in an additional dose of Vitamin B6 in the form "P-5-P" and also added the anti-histamine called Diphenhydramine (known in the USA as Benadryl, but completely different to Benadryl cough syrup we have in NZ. Medical names and brand names can get confusing!). With these additions, I managed to get the nausea and vomiting under control and the week before Christmas I was finally out of bed and able to participate in Christmas celebrations, despite the mild queasiness, that still comes and go at 24 weeks. Currently I'm still on the 2 anti-histamines and all the vitamins, and have been able to add in "Pregnancy Care" - a high quality supplement from Metagenics that you can only get via a practitioner; and Mega Magnesium pills before bed, now that I can actually swallow a large pill without vomiting. The Mega Mag makes a huge difference to my sleep and to muscle cramps - I take 2 before bed.

SO! That's where the last few months have gone. Since getting out of bed I've been in nesting mode and basically making up for lost time.

We have Air bnb guests staying at our house in a couple of weeks, and I've been on an organising spree anyway, so I plan to blog about that in the coming weeks. I guess I am following the famous Konmari framework but in our way. my main goal is just to be ruthless about our possessions, and try to replicate the scenario of moving house - i.e. get EVERYTHING out from its hidey holes and collate it all together. We've already found double-ups of things we thought we needed to buy more of, but had actually just lost behind all the clutter... it's terrible! But that's a post for another day.

Oh, and if you don't follow me on Instagram, we're having a BOY this time around. I was a little stunned as everyone had told me that the reason I avoided severe HG in my pregnancy with Josh was just because he was a boy... turns out it was nothing to with that, and all my preps and precations actually worked! Too bad I didn't have time to prepare my body or get prayer before this current pregnancy. Which I'm pretty sure will be our last because I never want to experience this kind of nausea again.

Anyway, that's just a little update while I get my life together.... follow me on Instagram for more of our day-to-day life and projects that I'm working on!