Nursery progress...

So I'm still intact - our baby was not born during the weekend. It's nice to not be in excruciating pain, but its a bit weird not knowing when it's going to hit.

So although our nursery isn't 'finished' I decided to take some pictures this morning and share them here. The great news is that I don't have to get dressed or put on makeup to do this. I don't know if I have reinforced enough how much I dread putting on my maternity jeans. Them jeans being basically the only pregnant clothing available at the time, ever, along with perhaps 2 tops that I wear on rotation. Urg.
I digress...

We've tried to keep this room gender-neutral and also when I think about it, the only thing we bought new  was the cot ('crib' if you're American). The drawers were a second-hand find but they anger my sensitive pregnant nose because they absolutely stink of old-lady-perfume. I scrubbed them out and still no luck. I don't know if I can bear to curse my baby with clothes that smell like that but for now it's our only option.

You know how when you are not pregnant you see all these adorable nursery rooms on Pinterest or wherever and you think "I must save all these pictures for when I am knocked up! I will have the most perfect baby's room in the universe!" and then one day you find yourself impregnated, with neither the means nor the energy to actually implement that dream design in your head, and instead you have an awkward-shaped little room with bad-taste carpet, horrible window pelmets, and a really awful wardrobe that you're never going to post a photo of in your 'nursery progress' blog post?
And then you see other people doing their 'nursery reveal' weeks before their baby is due and it is impeccable but you are too tired/sore/beached to be jealous?

Anyway, here are some snapshots.

Nursery decor

That circus painting is from my childhood and it really needs a new frame because this one is literally falling off. One day...

Nursery decor

Nursery decor

For the record, these photos make the room look better than it is. Just saying. See, that is the power of the crop tool.
Ugly wardobe *crop*
Excessive green carpet *crop*
Yellow ancient light switches *crop*

Then again, it's come a long way. You can see the before-and-after paint job here.

I couldn't do much to crop out the really-old-discoloured-chair-with-a-duvet-on-it situation, but I'm not going to apologise because me and that duvet are like *this*. 

Nursery decor

Nursery decor

So, that's our nursery. And maybe one day if we replace the doors and carpet and perhaps redo the armchair, I hope to show you a completed 'reveal'.
Until then, we have a baby to meet :)

The day before D-day

Officially, D-day for this baby is tomorrow.
I've gone through so many thoughts about it that I don't know if I am scared or not anymore.

I spent all day yesterday on my feet frantically nesting - let's just say our pantry contents are basically alphabetised now. 

Hospital bags are packed. I say 'bags' because it turns out you can be in there for up to 5 days where we live, and that is a lot of changes of baby clothes, pyjamas, nappies (you have to provide your own), etc. Also we were encouraged to bring a bag of snacks, heat packs, drinks and whatever else we want during labour. Some people bring their own swiss ball (!), books, laptop for music... and so on.

This pumpkin likes to move. Health professionals laugh when they see its ginormous movements as if it's trying to break out of my abdomen, ala that Alien movie. I feel and visibly see every bum-wriggle and leg stretches that protude inches from my belly then go back in. (I'm guessing there are some long legs in there).

It doesn't really feel like anything is going to change. I feel like normal old me, in my safe little world with my husband, cleaning the house top to bottom for something I can't even really get my head around. I thought I would LOVE being in the nursery but it feels weird in there until we meet it's occupant!

This man is going to be the best dad. He's so fun and energetic.

It's amazing how much you can know someone who isn't born yet. Our baby gets excited (think major bum wiggling) when it hears Calum's voice, goes to sleep when I sing to it, and calms down from a wriggle-attack if I rub it's back (through my belly, obviously). They say babies in the womb can learn songs that are repeated to them, so I bet this little sausage is going to respond to daddy singing Edelweiss as he has done throughout the pregnancy! You couldn't miss that rumbly voice anywhere.

Pregnancy has been hard on us. I guess it could always be worse, but I don't even know if I would be here without modern medicine. In all of that, I'm so so grateful to be growing a human. I'm more convinced than ever that life is no accident, and every baby is a miracle whether it gets born or not. Anyone who thinks foetus' are just a bunch of tissue without human qualities, should totally get pregnant. You will be AMAZED.

Anyway, D-day is tomorrow, but it's not uncommon to go late on your first baby, so... I might be back before we have a 3rd family member, and I'll remember to take pictures of the nursery as soon as poss :)

Pregnancy truths: Fortunately unfortunately.

I decided that today I'm going to stay inside allll day and play secretary for my husband and get lots of important things done like bank accounts and filing.
Which is why I'm writing a blog post obviously.


Fortunately I am able to stay home and have hermit days like this, and you can bet your bottom dollar there will be no maternity-jeans or bra-wearing on said days. Because those clothing items are my nemesis right now and I think I have lost all my dignity.

Unfortunately this means I probably won't be answering the door if any random surprise packages should turn up by courier. Fortunately I'm not expecting anything. Which is actually unfortunate because… packages!

Ok I'll stop now.
Or will I?


Fortunately I haven't spewed in quite some weeks!
Unfortunately the last occasion is etched on mine and everyone else in the restaurant's memory forever.
Fortunately I nearly made it to the bathrooms!
Unfortunately I neeeeeaaarrrly made it to the bathrooms.
Fortunately I didn't have to clean it up.
Unfortunately the poor waiter did.
Fortunately I didn't fall on my face in it.
Unfortunately I did slip (but backwards) into my husband.
So…. fortunately…. ur…. can't think of a fortunately to round this one off.

Fortunately I got the best pregnancy jeans ever from Jeans West.
Unfortunately I have developed a phobia of getting dressed.

{This year's event}

{Last year's event. Jeepers. Talk about minor differences…}

Fortunately I was able to fly to Auckland for a fancy shmancy black-tie event with my husband! (Above).
Unfortunately I got a heinous haircut 2 days earlier.
Fortunately I managed to re-cut and style it myself in the privacy of my bathroom and vow to never trust a hairdresser again.
Unfortunately I ugly-cried on my husband when he came home because "it was the only thing left that still made me feel prettttyyyyyyyyyy"
Fortunately it's kind of liberating to just say goodbye to your dignity. I'm 9 months pregnant with hair I don't like, bloaty thighs and an aversion to clothing. Hi.

Fortunately I have had a ball reading some mommy-blogs particularly this one because of the hilarious stuff her kid says that makes me laugh until my abs hurt.
Kidding - I don't have abs anymore. (Unfortunately).

Fortunately our baby is due is about a WEEK!
Unfortunately I'm slightly panicky over this.
Fortunately I will get to hold it and be in awe of the amazingness.
Unfortunately I have to push it out my ladyparts first.

Fortunately we have most of our nursery set up.
Unfortunately I am SUCKING at decor right now. I think I'm just going to leave that room a blank slate because the green-blue carpet and orange-pine doors that I always complain about actually frustrate me enough to effect my mental health.

Fortunately I can sleep in almost every day before baby comes.
Unfortunately I am getting up up to 6 times a night for milk-feasts and pitstops. Mmm. Milk.

Fortunately I don't have any weird cravings.
Unfortunately I lied. The smell of dirt and bark make my mouth water. Also… chemical bleach.
Fortunately I haven't eaten either of those things.

Unfortunately the smell of any cleaner (or cologne, shampoo, toothpaste) other than bleach makes me sick.
Fortunately we haven't stopped using them.

Fortunately we saw our baby's face on a recent scan and it was the cutest squished-up frowny face ever.

Fortunately my husband is the best man in the universe.

Fortunately we've had tonnes of quality time and spontaneous dates before the baby comes.

Fortunately our house is so darn cosy.

Fortunately the second half of this pregnancy is soooo much better than the first, for me.

Fortunately we have family close by and wonderful friends who will help when we need it.

Fortunately our baby is healthy.

Fortunately… everything.

Needing colour

Ahoy there!

We celebrated Mother's Day yesterday and I was reminded (aside from how awesome our mums are, and how I'll be becoming one myself any day now…) that I really like bold colour.

I've been taking it reeeeal slow decorating our new house, and the living room/lounge has kind of ended up a hotch-potch of beige + faded teal + lemon curtains. We've kind of just used whatever cushions and quilts were easiest to grab at the time - and the result has been nice but a bit blah.

Nice (and we really love those comfy couches!)…. but tame.

The curtains are on their way out this week (I have new cream ones to hang that will coordinate better) and that leaves me with a bit more room to add some colour in the rest of the room.

I love and have always been a fan of these bold pinks + yellows:

And I think that once the curtains are changed, I'll look at introducing some of the yellow cushions my mum custom-made for our old house:

[It looks so pretty in photos, but we are loving living in a real house instead of that little old apartment :) Can someone say heating and double-glazed windows? Aaah.]

… which should brighten up the whole thing.

In terms of art, I'm looking forward to collecting some nice big pieces over time in a mix of palettes.

Decorating a whole house is a slow job, I've realised. You tend to spend your money on the big practical items (sofas, dryer, beds, etc) which doesn't leave much for instant decor gratification, as much as I would love to do everything at once!

Our baby is due in less than 2 weeks and is expected any day, so there has been a bit of nesting going on around here! More on that later.