Needing colour

Ahoy there!

We celebrated Mother's Day yesterday and I was reminded (aside from how awesome our mums are, and how I'll be becoming one myself any day now…) that I really like bold colour.

I've been taking it reeeeal slow decorating our new house, and the living room/lounge has kind of ended up a hotch-potch of beige + faded teal + lemon curtains. We've kind of just used whatever cushions and quilts were easiest to grab at the time - and the result has been nice but a bit blah.

Nice (and we really love those comfy couches!)…. but tame.

The curtains are on their way out this week (I have new cream ones to hang that will coordinate better) and that leaves me with a bit more room to add some colour in the rest of the room.

I love and have always been a fan of these bold pinks + yellows:

And I think that once the curtains are changed, I'll look at introducing some of the yellow cushions my mum custom-made for our old house:

[It looks so pretty in photos, but we are loving living in a real house instead of that little old apartment :) Can someone say heating and double-glazed windows? Aaah.]

… which should brighten up the whole thing.

In terms of art, I'm looking forward to collecting some nice big pieces over time in a mix of palettes.

Decorating a whole house is a slow job, I've realised. You tend to spend your money on the big practical items (sofas, dryer, beds, etc) which doesn't leave much for instant decor gratification, as much as I would love to do everything at once!

Our baby is due in less than 2 weeks and is expected any day, so there has been a bit of nesting going on around here! More on that later.


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  1. Slowly but surely things will come together. Those windows are pretty amazing, looks like you probably have a pretty view as well!


Thanks for your comment. You are awesome!