Wearing, eating, and other stuff.

At this particular point in time both my kids are asleep. IT'S A WEDNESDAY MIRACLE!!!

The thing with mothering 2 children is my instant-prioritisation skills have hit the roof. If I have 30 seconds, I can go pee and fill up my water bottle for the next feeding marathon. If I have 5 mins, I can tidy up some toys and unload the dishwasher. 30 mins buys me time to hang a load of laundry and get dinner crack-a-lacking even if it's only 9.30am (because who knows when the next chance may come? probably tomorrow). An hour? In an hour I can vaccuum and bake and pay bills AND.... today's miracle... start typing a blog post. Will I have to finish this one-handed because my boss wakes up and demands milk? Probably.
Do I have an idea of what I'm going to blog about? Nope I'm typing really really fast right now NO TIME TO THINK

The only pair of jeans that fit me (because they are really stretchy and all my pre-preg jeans can't even go past my knees.) Combined with slouchy tops worn over stretchy tank tops so I can do the pull-one-top-up-and-one-top-down for a slightly more discreet feeding situation. And yoga pants/leggings because they fit.
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Pretty much nothing because I'm on a strict diet to help my baby's feeding. JK - I just can't have dairy gluten soy eggs nuts shellfish garlic onions tomatoes or a bunch of other stuff.

When I'm stuck on the couch under a baby - which is often - I've been reading the Mix & Match Mama's blog and I love it. It's less showy and more interesting that a lot of other blogs I read.

I don't know why my post-pregnancy self is so into cooking right now but I've been using my ceramic cookwear to make slow-cooked stews and casseroles and risottos and it's so good. I never knew how much I was missing out on by not using a dish that can work both on the stovetop (in place of a fry pan) and also in the oven like a casserole dish. Calum can't believe what I'm churning out in that thing. Probably helped by the fact that his expectations are set nice and loowwww after 9 months of me hating cooking.
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A kind friend also gifted me Nadia Lim's quick weeknight dinners cookbook so I'm looking forward to getting organised and meal planning with that!

If I get 10 mins to do some baking it's a good day. Rare, but good. Winter is coming here so I made Mix & Match Mama's pumpkin bread the other day. It was really flat with my substitutions (GF, DF and so on) but soooo tasty. Calum ate virtually the entire thing slathered in butter after I took one piece. Pumpkin Bread must be an American thing - it's sweet and more like what we'd call a muffin taste and texture.

Excited about:
A family holiday coming up, and mother's day (prob be a flop but I'm going to push for having brunch somewhere and I don't think the hubs will take much convincing).

To create a cosy atmosphere in our home this winter seeing as NZ has absolutely no winter atmosphere. Where we live, Winter = rain, wind, rain, wind, and a bit more rain with some more wind. I'm envisioning soups and stews by the ambient light of some fake battery operated candles. :D
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[A bit of Hygge wouldn't go amiss around here!]

Thankful for:
The fact I'm so far still breastfeeding after 9 weeks and even with all the challenges, it's been so much better than my first experience.
[And that he's so delicious]

Learning to let go of:
Having a clean house when guests come round. If I waited until the house was presentable I'd never see anyone! I do what I can, whenever I can (see intro to this post!). And sometimes I can't. Often my hands are full of a fussing baby and a testy toddler, and the hubs is working ridiculous hours. (Who drops their income to start a new business and has a new baby at the same time???? Crazies like us I guess.) Writing this post right now is the laziest thing I've done in a while and is only happening because I don't have to cook dinner tonight. It doesn't make sense, but in all the challenges and sleepless nights, tears, stress, and concerns... we feel really happy. My goal and prayer for this year was PEACE in our home and it's here and palpable. I'm so grateful for that.

Over and out