Art, gallery walls, and experimenting with expressionism.

Hello. I'm still alive :)
We've been traveling a lot lately and this past week we've been down in the South Island (of New Zealand).... sooo good. This really is the most beautiful country in the world. I wish everyone could come here. 
(Click here for my only Insta video of our time down there. The thing I love about NZ is that everything is in such close proximity. You can ski snowy alps one day, then waterski the next, then hike up a volcano, play with sea-lions on the beach... all from the same place!.)

But travel news aside... here's something I've been working on lately:


It's a big, big painting.
I used to paint every day as a teenager but now I've got way out practice. Amazingly, I used to be able to paint quite realistically (like the landscape in this photo when I was 16). Now everything I do looks childish.. or shall we call it "graphic" or "abstract"? Yeah, that sounds better. 
It's just amazing how rusty you can get when you spend more time using a mouse than your hands!

Anyway, I'm pondering using it as part of a gallery wall over the couch:


But I'm not convinced how it would look with all these smaller pieces. I'll see how it goes when it's ready.

I tend to be a VERY impatient painter when I want to decorate a room, and this one below was whipped out in a few short minutes. I just really wanted a blob of blue for the wall and thought this would be a good way to get it:

I tried to go for a much more expressionist style than usual. It's fun to try something new even if it's not your usual ideal.

In other news, I painted our bedroom this week (a pale grey-neutral), and DIYed some new lampshades. Those are projects for another post because my camera is broken! Gutted.

What do you think - gallery wall, or a single large piece or 2?

Have a great week!

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Spring colour palette // Amy MacLeod // Five Kinds of Happy blog

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P.S It's SPRING in New Zealand! At last. :)