NYC Loft Apartment living area design

I was recently asked by Chairish to design a room idea using one of their Chairish accent chairs. I chose this bright pink Danish chair and popped it into a New York loft style apartment setting. Here's the design I came up with:

Amy MacLeod// New York loft interior design - leather couch, brick wall, pink accent chair
In this setting you've got a pretty funky brick wall and a big leather couch that I would actually really like for myself...
I spent ages trying different rugs and in the end settled on a plain one as everything else looked so busy - what kind of rug would you choose? 

Dream Nursery Design (again?)

Our nursery never really got completed and I was never happy with the design of it - the constraints at the time being: money, nausea, and absolutely no energy. 

We have actually only just started using the nursery for Ella to sleep in (she's been sleeping in our room til now) and it would be amazing at some point to redecorate and make it a happy space. We have lost our armchair that was in there to a good home so I've been dreaming about a replacement and maybe doing something like this.

This uses a classic wingback chair that would be fun to mix with some more modern pieces. (Sources below).

Nursery design by Amy MacLeod - five kinds of happy blog
Chair / Bunny lamp / rug / alphabet art / toy basket / cat cushion

If I could make this room come together in real life, I absolutely would!
Kids room are so much fun.

P.S People who have IKEA in your countries... I envy you. You can buy a large poster frame for $60! What! Over here that would require custom framing and would set you back around $300. We recently went to IKEA in Melbourne on a family trip and whilst I know that it's no all no big deal to most people... we were in decor daydream heaven and I did stock up on a few ribba frames which seem like amazing quality compared to the cheap counterparts here (from Briscoes, the Warehouse, Farmers etc). Even tho they are considered low quality to most people because they are just Ikea. At one point on the lower floor I may have turned to my husband and said "I'm just so angry!". Haha.
New Zealand, seriously, pick up your game.