Friday Outfit - Naughty or Nice?

So, today I'm going for it... my first ever outfit post.

Here's what I wore 2 days in a row.... the first day was "Nice" and the second day, well, I went on a jean-ripping spree and my hair needed washing... so I decided to roll with it, and Naughty was born.

I tend to dress according to whatever vibe I am getting that day.  Which may explain why I literally sliced up my jeans whilst wearing them.... someting I don't recommend but, hello... naughty day.

The jean inspiration came from here and I already had the black lace leggings; I made one of the holes into a heart shape for fun.

......In other news, I'm now on study-break and have actually bombed the kitchen making cupcakes already. Plus I am ITCHING to get a dslr camera and learn real photography. This grainy little digital is doing my head in!


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All photos property of Five Kinds of Happy

Easter Egg flowers

easter egg flowers, easter decoration, interior design blog

I have never decorated for Easter before - it's not really the done thing around here - aside from a literal pile of chocolate to get through.

But this year, for some reason, I'm less excited about the chocolate and more excited about other things... flowers, people ... even painted eggs?

easter egg flowers, easter decoration, interior design blog there something wrong with me?

I found these egg-shell flower arrangements here on Fleuretica and they are kinda inspiring! I love the little painted patterns on the outside of them.

Do you decorate for Easter? How?
Pic source: Fleuretica

Incredible DIY Chandelier

How often do you see a DIY chandelier?

Or rather, how often do you see a DIY chandelier that looks like THIS?

 Can you believe it's DIY? I couldn't, when I spotted it on the Lisa Roy blog.
And I'm talking about ACTUAL genuine diy.

Like the wax-paper and hole-punching-a-million holes kind....

Ta Da!

I was so blown away that I asked if I could share this with all of you! Isn't it amazing?

I don't know about you but I can't see myself ever having this type of patience, although it clearly paid off. Check out the full project here.

Have you ever taken on something so time-consuming but worth-it?

All images are property of Lisa Roy

Not Just a Pretty Face # 4 - Me!

{I took this low-res self-shot on my ancient digital camera ESPECIALLY} *

I'm Amy (you know, the writer of this blog) and I'm here - in the series where I introduce bloggers to you - to introduce.... myself.


1. Favourite colour
{ for now...}

2. By Day...
Architecture student. 

As a little kid I was caught drawing floor plans even though I didn't know what they were called or that they were a "real thing".

I could read books of house blueprints for hours and hours...  

My dream is to design a series of houses and offer interior design services on the side.
I will of course run this from my dream office.

3. By Night...
1) Wife! As of nearly-7-weeks ago....
As it happens, I am way too domestic for my own good. 
Having to do homework in my spare time rather than baking and tidying kills me! For serious! 

2) Interior design junkie... I dream of more time for DIYs and room makeovers

3) Woman of faith

4)  Daughter. I have the world's most beautiful Mother, who made my wedding dress... blood sweat and tears people!

5) Sister to 2 handsome men (... I just called them MEN... what is this..? You can spy them in my wedding post singing an item with the guitar)

6)....... no that's about it.

4. Summer or winter?

I feel like it rains all year in New Zealand and I dream of a climate where I never need to carry a jacket and I could have garden parties all the time...
{photo from our honeymoon}

5. Secret weakness

6. Signature style

7. Greatest Day of My Life


8. An embarrasing moment

It involved my new boss's BMW,

...some serious incompetence on my part

..and the guy in the car behind me who had to get out to come park for me. Twice.

OH and also a big scrape down the side of the car

9. Current Projects

10. The Best Thing about Blogging
I kinda love everything about it.
Pictures make me happy. 
Colours make me happy...
...And finding other people exist in the world who feel the same way? Amazing!

Now it's your turn to share - what do you love about blogging? Anyone else got mean sugar cravings right now...?

*  Any photographer-buffs out there who would like to give me some tips on getting, and using, a REAL camera? I'm crossing my fingers for a birthday present!

Pic sources: 
"Yellow" picture - can't find the source - anybody know?? 

Cake via Sprinkles Bakes 
Signature Style pic 1: Decor8
Signature Style pic 2: Pinterest
Signature Style pic 3: Pinterest
 Signature Style pic 4: Pinterest

My Office... but not really


In my dreams, I work here.
And it's always clean and tidy.... obviously.


Anyone out there done an office makeover before??

Washi-tape wall via Poppytalk
White desk pic from Rue
Shelving via The Beautiful Soup
Drawing table via Kootut Murut
Client meeting area via SFgirlbyBay
Refreshment stand via Shop Society Social
Flowers via Flickr

Our Wedding



Hi folks... as promised, a tour through our wedding!

There was so much DIY involved including making the cakes and the cake toppers, painting and designing the invitations... a whole lot more.

Whilst it was truly the best day of my life, I have to be honest and say that in another life, I would definitely hire a wedding planner, or elope. It's a LOT of work. .... and there is always something  bigger and better you see (like on a wedding blog...) but in the end you just have to accept that you aren't superwoman and it will still be perfect.

Our wedding photographers were Liz Bebbington Photography (Liz is a close friend who happens to be a photographer.. um, sweet!) and Ben&Elise Photography. We were so lucky to have them.

So there it is. A snapshot of our day.

How's your week going?
Mine is busy... a little stressful... but good :)