Not Just a Pretty Face: Jaclyn of Stay in the Lines

Today I'm happy to be introducing my second "Not Just a Pretty Face" guest blogger ever!


Hi, I’m Jaclyn from Stay in the Lines and I was so thrilled when Amy asked me to answer a few questions for her, so here we go!

1. My favorite color

 It’s a close tie between yellow, teal, and coral, but I must say that yellow has been a pretty big favorite for a while. My wedding had a huge yellow theme to it.

2.  Favorite current trend

I really like the whole pastel and blush color trend for Spring. The colors look so feminine and I’m excited to start pulling out some good dresses and blouses in those shades.

3. Summer or Winter
 I’m originally a California girl, so Summer will always be my favorite!

4. Secret weakness
Desserts! I can’t pass up a sugary end to a meal, especially when it’s something pretty like French  macarons.

5. Signature style

I’ve always tended to pair feminine pieces like blouses and blazers with bright colors. The combination of ladylike with a twist has always intrigued me.

6. Greatest day of my life
That’s a hard one, but I’d have to say my wedding. Of course there were the usual stresses leading up to it, but the day was such a dream and I felt like it represented who my husband and me are as a couple very well.

7. An embarrassing moment:
I’ve had so many! Now that I’m adjusting to snow, I’ve had a few slips and falls in front of people.

8. Latest adventure:
It isn’t super recent, but moving to Michigan from California a few years ago was definitely a big adventure for me. Still learning new things about my new local every day.

9. Love of my life
First is definitely my husband, but we both have great families and I wouldn’t be able to accomplish everything I’m working towards without all of their support.

10. The question I really wanted to answer….
Where do I see my career going? I love planning out the future and my goal is to turn my current creative outlets into a life styling business.


Jaclyn I am also a yellow fan (it was in my wedding colours too! Photos to come soon!) and I gotta say... pretty Macaroons and other forms of sugar are my secret weakness also. Thanks lovely lady!

Go check out Jaclyn's blog at Stay in the Lines and say Hi!

I love meeting new bloggers on a more personal note this way and I hope you do too?



  1. Thank you so much Amy! Can't wait to see some of your yellow-themed wedding photos :)

  2. Lovely blog and such a fun and interesting post! So nice to meet you:)


  3. Love the gorgeous necklace's featured in this post!
    Emma x

  4. nice! im also loving all the pastel for this spring...but mixing it up with neon is my fave! :))

  5. Love Jaclyn and her style is impeccable! Great feature!



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