Not Just a Pretty Face # 4 - Me!

{I took this low-res self-shot on my ancient digital camera ESPECIALLY} *

I'm Amy (you know, the writer of this blog) and I'm here - in the series where I introduce bloggers to you - to introduce.... myself.


1. Favourite colour
{ for now...}

2. By Day...
Architecture student. 

As a little kid I was caught drawing floor plans even though I didn't know what they were called or that they were a "real thing".

I could read books of house blueprints for hours and hours...  

My dream is to design a series of houses and offer interior design services on the side.
I will of course run this from my dream office.

3. By Night...
1) Wife! As of nearly-7-weeks ago....
As it happens, I am way too domestic for my own good. 
Having to do homework in my spare time rather than baking and tidying kills me! For serious! 

2) Interior design junkie... I dream of more time for DIYs and room makeovers

3) Woman of faith

4)  Daughter. I have the world's most beautiful Mother, who made my wedding dress... blood sweat and tears people!

5) Sister to 2 handsome men (... I just called them MEN... what is this..? You can spy them in my wedding post singing an item with the guitar)

6)....... no that's about it.

4. Summer or winter?

I feel like it rains all year in New Zealand and I dream of a climate where I never need to carry a jacket and I could have garden parties all the time...
{photo from our honeymoon}

5. Secret weakness

6. Signature style

7. Greatest Day of My Life


8. An embarrasing moment

It involved my new boss's BMW,

...some serious incompetence on my part

..and the guy in the car behind me who had to get out to come park for me. Twice.

OH and also a big scrape down the side of the car

9. Current Projects

10. The Best Thing about Blogging
I kinda love everything about it.
Pictures make me happy. 
Colours make me happy...
...And finding other people exist in the world who feel the same way? Amazing!

Now it's your turn to share - what do you love about blogging? Anyone else got mean sugar cravings right now...?

*  Any photographer-buffs out there who would like to give me some tips on getting, and using, a REAL camera? I'm crossing my fingers for a birthday present!

Pic sources: 
"Yellow" picture - can't find the source - anybody know?? 

Cake via Sprinkles Bakes 
Signature Style pic 1: Decor8
Signature Style pic 2: Pinterest
Signature Style pic 3: Pinterest
 Signature Style pic 4: Pinterest


  1. I love this post! Isn't it interesting that we seem to know what we want to do even as young children? I was always cutting, sticking and pasting so I guess its no surprise that I recently opened my Etsy shop.

    Congratulations on getting married! Your dress is really beautiful - what a talented mum!

    Kate x

  2. Such a lovely post! nice to get to know you. I have mad chocolate cravings all the time!

  3. you are so awesome! this blog is so cute!

    following you!


  4. Gorgeous post! I love all these fun facts about you and you look absolutely resplendent in your wedding photos. Truly breathtaking.

    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! Following you now. :)

    Hope you'll come and pop in soon!

    <3 Mandy xx

  5. thanks, following back, your blog has so sweet and lovely colors. see you.

  6. Wow, have such a beautiful blog! One can really see that you're into design, the layout is very beautiful and everything looks very harmonic. The photos are very good quality, too! :)

  7. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and following! =). I see that you are following my blog, but for some reason it doesn't show up on my Google Friend Connect =P...ah well!
    I really enjoy all of the pictures on your blog! I also love diy and interior!! And your wedding looked absolutely beautiful! So pretty and fun!
    I am following you now, too =).

    <3 <3

  8. great post! very interesting
    thanks for your lovely comment would you like to follow each other?

  9. What a fun and pretty post....just love your blog. Would love tips from you on creating fun posts...the details are great. I love blogging for the same it keeps me sane from my real job. xx

  10. Gorgeous post! The pictures from your wedding are simply breathtaking.
    xo Maria

  11. This is a beautiful post! You looked amazing on your wedding day :)

  12. Thanls for stopping by my blog! I enjoyed learning more about you! I also have a weaknes for desserts and anything decor related! :) And congrats on your wedding! The pictures looked beautiful.

  13. You look ahh-mazing in your wedding photo! I'm loving your blog girl, I'm your newest follower! I hope you'll follow me back and we can keep in touch. I love discovering new blogs!

    Sarah xoxo

  14. Such a cute post!*
    Love the mini make over of the room doll!*


  15. Smashing post! :) Your embarrassing moment cracked me up! And I still love that gray suit.

    What I heart about blogging is just being able to share my thoughts and get a little bit of feedback. I also like that it doesn't 'have' to be a everyday task; just do when and what you can.

  16. I love your blog! And this little 'about me' post is so sweet :-)

    Pictures and colours make me happy too.

    I also love that you're from New Zealand cos there ain't many of us in this bloggy world from little ol' NZ.


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