My Office... but not really


In my dreams, I work here.
And it's always clean and tidy.... obviously.


Anyone out there done an office makeover before??

Washi-tape wall via Poppytalk
White desk pic from Rue
Shelving via The Beautiful Soup
Drawing table via Kootut Murut
Client meeting area via SFgirlbyBay
Refreshment stand via Shop Society Social
Flowers via Flickr


  1. That big white desk has been on my dream decor list for months and months. Love these photos!

  2. Never done an office makeover, but it's always nice to imagine. That's what keeps us inspired!

    LOVE the meeting area for clients, and LOVE the refreshment stand. I'll be keeping these things in mind for my future office space!

    Cute post!

    Meg ;)

  3. ahaa i love this post!! and look through these pictures, i'm pretty sure my "imaginary office" looks just like yours! i love the washi tape inspiration wall and the big white desk, yes pleaseee! wonderful post, i just found your blog, can't wait to see your other posts!! :)

  4. LOVE this! I want my office space to look like that too LOL!

    Thanks for leaving your sweet comment on my blog doll! :o) Your blog is just stunning - definitely followed right back!

  5. Aw man, in my dreams as well...haha, that's be amazing! The refreshment stand is my favorite idea :)
    Very inspirational! Since I don't work in an office, I'd like to do this makeover to my room instead. Haha, spring cleaning fever!

    Trendy Teal

  6. This would be the best office ever, I'm always so messy unfortunately!! I'd definately love to whip my workroom into shape!
    Thanks for your comment :)

  7. Love it! The perfect office.

  8. This is a stunner! I'd struggle to be productive in such nice surrounds :)

    Abbey x


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