Important for all bloggers! Comments and Captcha Codes on Blogspot

Please please PLEASE pass this post on to other bloggers as I have dug around to find the solution to a problem I bet you've been noticing lately and it has been frustrating EVERYONE.

{ Seriously, I'm pretty sure only a robot COULD figure out what the words are }

The Problem
Blogger have CHANGED some things that have caused the following:

1. You are having to type Captcha codes to leave comments on more blogs than before

2. Even though you have set YOUR blog to "NO word verification" in the past, chances are that your blog have REVERTED to requiring Captcha codes without telling you (Traitor!). Obviously, you don't want this because it really annoys readers and deters them from leaving comments. It's possible that no-one has told you about this and you don't even know that your readers are having to do it.

3. There may be some blogs that you simply can't comment on - as in, the comment box disappears when you try to type a comment.

How to remove Captcha codes on your Blogger Blog

1. Your blog is doing this because you are probably on the new "Blogger Interface". Log on to your Blogger dashboard and hit the gear button, then go down and choose "Old Blogger Interface". This SHOULD fix the problem.
How to remove blogger captcha code, how to remove blogger word verification, interior design blog


2. In your Blogger Settings, under "Comments" choose the "Moderate comments" option.
This of course means you will then have all comments emailed to you automatically for moderation before they show up on your blog... which is a pain but at least it stops readers having to do the Captcha code.

Please let me know - is there a Captcha code on this blog when you leave a comment???? I hope not!!
Pass this on! other news, I highly recommend this first-time-farting story on Megan's blog because it made me love her. Like, genuinely.

How to remove blogger captcha code, how to remove blogger word verification, interior design blog

P.S totally drew that Captcha phrase picture myself. So proud...


  1. I just figured out how to take care of this last week when one of my friends told me it was annoying!
    No captcha code came up on yours. Thanks!
    rolala loves

  2. Thanks Amy, having to type in those captcha phrases has become painful. I've changed back to the old interface so that I could remove mine. xxx

  3. I was seriously wondering if you would ever find the answer of cutting off the captcha! Smart girl! None on this one for me!

  4. Thanks for this Amy...very helpful, no more captcha phases!

  5. Just discovered that, on the new format, word verification reverts constantly to "yes," no matter how many times I change it. I haven't heard from commenters that they're seeing it, but they know I hate it so hopefully someone will speak up.

  6. Thanks! I was looking for a solution after I received complaints from several visitors. Too bad I got a message from Blogger that it would be reverting to the updated blogger interface soon.



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