Not just a Pretty Face #3: Drew from Coral Cafe

Introducing... another pretty face that's...well, more than just a pretty face! 

This is Drew, a Graphic Designer, from the colourful blog Coral Cafe
Let's get to know a little more about her!


1. Favorite Colour

I know this won't come as much of a surprise. You guessed it: CORAL! I fancy this color more than I'd like to admit. I love it in all shades and hues too. Lately, I must say pairing it with shades of purple and lavender makes my heart skip a beat.

2. Cats or Dogs?
Dogs, by far. I think dogs just have the most genuine and lovable demeanor. I have two fur babies of my own and love each of their cute and spunky personalities!

3. Day job

I am a freelance graphic designer and painter. I grew up perusing magazines and pretty decorating books. I was fortunate enough to realize before I went to college that this fascination with colors, words and images was what I wanted to make a daily work in progress, as an artists' and designers' work is never quite finished in their own eyes. This passion of mine is creating so many wonderful outlets for me to express myself, as well as help others express themselves.

4. Greatest Day of your Life?
Well since I'm not married nor have children yet, I would say that graduating from college four years ago was a pretty great day! I am not a great test taker and of course in college, that's how they test your ability to receive a degree. I loved every lesson I learned, from studio classes to Psychology classes and the day to day routines of being a college student.

Being tested for it though? I froze every time. I sometimes enjoyed the pressure of completing a project for a graphic design class, but the pressure to study for 200 slides in an Art History class horrified me. To know that I never have to take another single written test again makes me one happy girl! Yes, tests are still being taken throughout your life in not so literal terms. Those I can deal with. So graduating from college gave me the freedom I needed to be a graphic designer without the pressure to take tests.

5. An embarrassing moment
I had a crush on a guy who had to witness, in the same week, my pants with an open fly (not on purpose of course) and then he saw me walk out of the restroom with toilet paper hanging out of my pants!

...Not strung on my shoe, like the normal embarrassing moment, but out of my pants!

Poor guy probably thought I had serious issues coming out of the bathroom. I don't blame him!

6. Signature Style 

My signature style would be considered modern-vintage with a dash of edge or sass. I love mixing a vintage styled shirt with a fun and colorful skirt, cinched with a sparkly belt. I'd have to say that jewelry plays a huge part in my style as well. I love bold, chunky necklaces and bright dangly earrings. You can also find a stack of bracelets and an oversized watch on my wrists.

8. Summer or Winter

Spring and Fall ;) I like the in-between months. When I was younger, I would've said summer all the way. As I've gotten older, I've learned to appreciate the crisp air, changing of leaves and flowers and the introduction into each new season.

8. Secret Weakness
I am totally addicted to the Bachelor/Bachelorrette. (I loved Jillian's season) I don't agree with half of the morals the people live by on the show and can't understand how you can truly date someone with 15 other girlfriends/boyfriends. However, the way the show is edited grabs my attention and leaves me hanging for next weeks episode every time! They got me!

9. Best thing about blogging

I would have to say having a place to go to each and everyday to express my creativity is so invigorating. I used to be in a rut, as I was changing from one job to another out of college, not finding the right match. Blogging has given me the opportunity to get back to my graphic design roots and encourage others along the way. However, my blog would never be where it is today without all of the amazingly talented and inspiring community I'm proud to call a family. The relationships you build with like-minded individuals in the blogosphere is certainly a reward in and of itself.

Me again! Thank you Drew for coming to visit!
If you haven't already, go check out her blog and say hi :)


  1. Ah I love Drew...and her style...her outfit posts are just amazing. :)

  2. I love Drew! She is so sweet and talented. I couldn't agree more with her- the reason I love blogging is because I get a place to express my creativity each and every day!

    So glad her blog led me to yours. I love it! I'm excited to be your newest follower! :)



  3. Drew is so precious. What a nice surprise to be reading her article and see me smiling face at the bottom. :). Great answers Drew! Can't wait to see you again!

  4. Drew is so precious. What a nice surprise to be reading this article and see my smiling face at the bottom. Great answers Drew! Can't wait to see you again soon!

  5. I adore Drew! Can't believe your bathroom situation, just like a movie scene haha!

  6. Drew is so sweet and talented! Love this post about her!! That is pretty rough about the bathroom embarrassment. It's ok lady, we've all been there in one way or another.

  7. loved learning a little bit about drew! she is one my favorite bloggers :]

    xx :: ashlyn
    let it be beautiful


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