Maryam Keyhani's Home

Maryam Keyhani has not only a beautiful sounding name, her own line of unique designer jewellery and fascination with history, but also a stunning home. I love seeing how Victorian history inspires her spaces, and the consistent contrast of black and white that seems to be so her.

Check the full home tour out at Coveteur.

Hope you are having an amazing weekend - I gotta say, Wellington New Zealand has really turned on the sunshine for us and I'm suffering my first sunburn of the season.

Take care!

Image sources: The Coveteur

Sunday Sweets # 1 - Pink macarons with rainbow sprinkles

Ok, it's a little nuts and extremely bright; I used the wrong filling and my almonds were apparently too lumpy; BUT my first ever attempt at making macarons was fun. And sickeningly sweet. And fun again. :)
If you want to make macarons you can follow a macaron recipe like this easy one here. I'm sure they will turn out more perfect and pretty than mine!

I'm off to clean up the rainbow coloured carnage in the kitchen..

Colour Theory 1: White + Pink

Today I'm diving into our first series....

...the one where we look at pretty pictures and break 'em down. I find I learn the most from pulling a picture apart and scouting out the DETAILS. It's easy to look at eye-candy snaps of interiors and be like "I LOVE!.", but then you try to recreate it yourself and it's not quite how you imagined because you skipped a tonne of the detail? Ya know what I'm sayin? No? It's just me? Hmm ok, just enjoy the eye candy then :)

This week we have gone all girly with white + pale pink.

I've NEVER been a  Girly Girl but pink + white has always made my heart beat a little faster when it comes to interiors.

What I learnt from these pictures:

- grey or slightly-off-white walls (but not with a brownish or tan tint!)
use a whole mixture of tones. Several variations of pale pink, + several neutrals
- metallic accessories, with texture. Whether it be a gilt picture frame or hammered-silver ornament.
- create texture with layers of bedding and touchable pieces
- personal touches like books
- go for a soft, warm-toned pink (as in, a teeny bit yellowish, rather than purplish) to ensure it goes well with neutrals, and won't go all Barbie Dreamhouse on you. ;) (also, y'know, it's a bit more palatable for those manly men in our lives).
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1. Pic from Erin Ever After
2. Pic from Dreamy Whites
3. Pic from Glitter Guide

Hi, I'm Amy

and this is Five Kinds of Happy's first post. I'm excited to start posting here about interior design, clever crafts,  DIY projects and all kinds of pretty (sometimes edible) little things.

If you love eye candy (and maybe real candy?) then I hope you'll stay a while. I can't wait to connect with you!

I'll be on the prowl for some guest posters, blog-hoppers, and the like sometime really soon. Until then, enjoy the weekend!