Sunday Sweets # 1 - Pink macarons with rainbow sprinkles

Ok, it's a little nuts and extremely bright; I used the wrong filling and my almonds were apparently too lumpy; BUT my first ever attempt at making macarons was fun. And sickeningly sweet. And fun again. :)
If you want to make macarons you can follow a macaron recipe like this easy one here. I'm sure they will turn out more perfect and pretty than mine!

I'm off to clean up the rainbow coloured carnage in the kitchen..


  1. I am always making excuses to NOT make macarons even though I went and bought the specialty items I need a few months ago. I feel a renewed desire to make them. Your's are are darling and we would never know that they did not turn out.

  2. Ooh those look so pretty! Love rainbow sprinkles. I've been too chicken to try making macarons but maybe now I'll have to give it a try!

  3. LOVE this - so much fun! These would be perfect for a b-day party! (Or a random Tuesday... whichever...)

  4. I think that they look awesome!


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