I'm Amy; always making things (some of which I now sell in my Etsy shop because I just can't stop) or slowly decorating our 70's house. I dream of a billion and one creative business ideas every day, but have to force myself to focus on what's in front of me now, and being content with our life as it is. I'm a mum to our sassy toddler in the coffee capital of New Zealand.

I grew up with these silly billies. Professional swing pushers, we are, and VERY serious about it.

Then met this very tall chap. He was a pro basketballer at the time and this photo was taken immediately after the biggest butt grab of my life when he hoisted me into the air infront of 80 people for a smooch. That's why everyone's snickering, I'm sure of it. 

Had a baby. As you do. 
And then from then on life has been like:

Err'y day.
JK, JK - it's like that but more vertical and with jeans on.