Five kinds of happy.... at least

No blog posts through the whole of 2020... wow. Hello again!

After a brief step back from social media recently, while we saw 2020 out and welcomed 2021, I realised I do really enjoy writing here, and the fact that it's not simply social media. 

So here's to a fresh beginning and a commitment to blog sometimes... a place to share thoughts that are my own, and hopefully lots of creative projects!

If you know me, you may know I love to start a new project, sometimes to the detriment of finishing the previous projects ;) I want Five Kinds of Happy to be the place where I can record all my random, varied, and super-fun-to-me projects and ventures. Kid's activity packs you can print out? Decorating the baby's room and renovating the kitchen after 7 years? Decluttering everything I own and probably a bunch of stuff I don't? Natural immunity, health, being obsessively organised but also super messy because I'm an artiste and have a load of kids clinging to my ankles and whinging for food? I'm so on it.

This really is my 5 kinds of happy, and I hope to share all of them here.

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