A lippy experiment

It's Friday.

 And I am snuggling up on this chair, figuring out solutions for this blog problem, getting my head around twitter and... well, experimenting with red/coral lipstick!

Because I NEVER wear lipstick and that is a fact.

But I should probably try harder. Isn't lippy like a rite of passage to womanhood? Do you wear it every day?

Happy Friday!

P.S I am comtemplating doing outfit posts to make me put more effort into my wardrobe...!
P.P.S I do occasionally post pics on Twitter here :)


  1. Amy...that colour is SO YOU..and you should wear lippy more often..you have the perfect set of lips for it! ; )

  2. You're so beautiful! I actually do wear it everyday. I just love it :)

  3. I agree with the woman who said you have great lips! You really do! Lipstick is perfect for you!

    I wear 'Lipstain', as I find it more comfortable and light, and when it wears off, as it does eventually, it doesn't leave a horrible ring around your mouth! I like the one called 'Bitten', although I can't remember who makes it. If you're new to lipstick, you may want to try lipstain, which is a good starter.

  4. That color lipstick looks really good on you! I didn't start wearing lipstick until a few months ago and now I'm slightly obsessed with it for when I go out or need a little something more than chapstick!

  5. Loving the lipstic. Love wearing it but eat it right away :) Have an amazing weekend!! xo


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