About 5 months late to the party, here's our little lion Reuben.

He was born at home in a birthing pool and delivered by Calum before the midwives got here. It was such a great experience!

After several weeks of basically grizzling or crying non-stop, he is now a super chill little guy, maybe my most relaxed baby?! He loves people and might be set to be an extrovert. We'll see. His big bro and sis are so good with him and my heart feels all warm and excited thinking about having all 3 of these souls under our roof.

In other random life updates.....

Flowers from my mum. We are almost onto week 2 of gastro in this household (I seem to be the only one who's ok so far!) and they were needed.

Getting ready for Christmas super early. I have most of my shopping done by mid-November, other` than just a few small things for my kids and husband, so that I can enjoy December and not stress so much about extended family gifts etc. Something about having 3 kids and a routine (thanks to school etc) that forces me to be organised and I kind of like it.

 Summer is coming! Not that you can tell here in Wellington most days. Is it always rainy and dark all November? Because I don't remember it being this bad before. We still have the heater on most days.

Sweet baby things because they cute.

I am on a decluttering journey and while it's an ongoing process, it feels so good to part with lots of our baggage. Honestly most of the things we are getting rid of are decor items.... which is eye opening to me! No more purchasing trendy decor just to fill a space.

This is the big kid's room above now that Reuben is in the nursery. I miss it being Josh's nursery, I don't know why, maybe because I have so many memories in that room with him and developed so much as a mother during that season? And had finally got it how I like? I don't know. It's different now with a bassinette and a mash-up of leftover decor but I'm content and not feeling rushed to have the perfect room anymore.

This is how it was as Josh's room:

.... before we had to move the cot into Ella's room and put them in together. 

Now with Reuben in there it's more like this pic below, except I moved the shelves out last weekend. It's not as cute as before but it's an evolution!

And here's a pile of stuff leaving our home. There have many loads like this... and many more to go!

That's it from me for now. I have a baby to put to bed and a whole lot of food mess to clean up! And by food mess I mean diarrhea nappies.

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