Weekend interior: Light and airy (and a little bit peachy?)

This dining room from the pages of Lonny was such an eye-catcher for me - there are SO many things going on and I find it fascinating to see how all the different elements come together to form a seamless space that appears perfectly balanced... especially the contrast of dark chairs and dark hydrangeas, vs the light, bright paintings and 'angel-feather' (or whatever it's called) pendant light.

One thing did concern me though........ are peach walls coming back???


  1. This is a very pretty space indeed though I don't know that the peach walls will make a comeback!

    Abbey x

  2. I'm afraid they are.... apparently the big trend in clothes this year is ice cream colours and I've already seen some peach jeans, interiors always follow swiftly after so best get ready! Isn't it funny though how you can think of something being so awful and then as it seeps into your brain through blogs and magazines you start to get used to it, then you like it. I remember swearing I would never wear a high wasted skirt or wear gold jewellery, both of which I'm wearing today!

  3. It's definitely a light pink/peach color! But it looks gorgeous all tied together in this room!

  4. I love mixing up different textures, but I think I can safely say I will never have peach walls! xxx

  5. Don't you think the peach actually looks quite modern! I like it!! Love that light too!
    Rachie xo


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