Colour Theory: Into the Darkness

Darkness is dramatic.

Have you noticed this trend lately? A subtle move away from whites and pale greys, to embrace the drama of deeper, richer hues?

The winning combo features in every picture above:
  dark + white + gold + a highlight colour

Don't get me wrong - light tones and whites will always sweep me off my feet, but a dramatic black wall can really set the space off - nothing like some contrast! I wouldn't mind a small dark wall in my place.

Would you embrace the dark side?


Image sources:
1. Live Creating Yourself
2. Living Etc via Pinterest
3. From the Right Bank
4. via Pinterest


  1. Nice post! I don't think I would paint any rooms black, but I can get on board with a charcoal or a chocolate or even a deep green or blue.

    When I am finally able to buy a house (instead of renting), I fantasize about having a small room (a guest bath or a foyer, perhaps) in a deep, dark shade. It makes everything pop. And despite all the advice to the contrary about making a small space seem smaller, I vote for cozy. :) Your blog is always such a treat.

  2. Black shows off bright colours, as well as whites, golds & silvers, so beautifully. I would definitely go to the dark side (in small doses). Pic 1 is fantastic - love it. xxx

  3. LOVE black walls with a gold mirror......just like picture #2!

  4. YES. I totally love the dark color schemes, but you are so right, you have to have some shiny and color thrown in there! That top pic has me desperately wanting an office...

  5. These images are so aesthetically pleasing! Love it, so inspiring!

    x Aprilia

  6. ahh simplicity. Following :) Would be awesome if you could check us out and perhaps follow!
    neon onyx

  7. Hi Amy!

    Just started following today, great blog!

    Bridget @ Little House

  8. I love these images especially the first one. I've been wanting to paint a wall or two black accented with white furniture and accessories. I think that may have to happen soon!

  9. LOVE dark walls and that second image with the gold mirror is amazing! I love the contrast of the gold against the black - so glam!

  10. I am so tempted to paint one wall black and hang a dramatic mirror...but I rent and am constantly reminded by my smarter half that if and when we move I will need to paint it back to white...and that will be a nightmare. Ugh.
    That last image is amazing!!! xx


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