How to style a coffee table - and a peek at our new place

So, a few days ago we started setting up our new house!

I literally have fluttery-heart-syndrome when I think about it because having a place to do anything I want to, is a dream come true. (That is, anything-I-want-within-a-tiny-budget - still totally a fun challenge.)

That said, I need a little help. We bought a brass & glass coffee table (below) for $20 second hand, and I need to learn how to style it.

Here's the table on the day we started moving in, earlier this week:

As you can see, I threw some items on there and then went back to the painting/sanding/unpacking that we are going nuts on. The paintings on the mantle were my experiment to see proportions (we want to use the frames for something, sometime) and I have already changed the room around since then, but you get the idea... wanna see the other side of the room?

 I know, I know, STUNNING.

Can not WAIT to begin ADDING COLOUR and getting it all properly set up. On our tiny, teeny, newly-wed budget. :)

I was meaning to post some wedding-related stuff since I am getting married in a week from tomorrow, but to be honest all our energy is going into getting this little home ready for us to move into after the honeymoon.

We have never lived together before so this little house is our first big adventure.

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  1. Congrats on your new home Amy! My hubby and I hadn't lived together before we got married either, it's been a amazing adventure so far! Looking forward to seeing more of your new place :) xo K

  2. I can't help you at all with styling a table. I'm going to need help myself one day as I'm totally clueless. Your new home is going to be beautiful though. And, congratulations on your almost nuptials. How exciting!

    1. I love all the different ways that you found how to style a table. I struggle with this sometimes. I love your new coffee table; what a great deal! Happy settling in. :)

  3. Love that abstract floral piece in the second shot...I can imagine pulling all sorts of gorgeous jewel tones to complement the look! Great inspiration!

    Peace. Love. LOL!


  4. I was stoked to see the bone inlay tray in the first photo - have just added five of those into my Cush & Nooks online store, they're gorgeous. It is definitely a real art to style your coffee table, creating beautiful vignettes. I am still mastering it, but love how Anna Spiro does it over at 'Absolutely Beautiful Things'. xxx

  5. I have to agree that room #2 is my favorite too! Great composition! That painting really makes it!

  6. Congrats and good luck on the wedding!

  7. I think that the chevron pillows are my absolute favorite, but everything looks spot-on lovely!

  8. I LOVE this post! I especially love the second image and all the details are amazing!


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