Making arts

Firstly, I just need to say
I finished my architecture course... I believe that makes me technically an Architectural Draftsperson, or apparently I can practice under the title Architectural Designer.

Obviously, I came home after giving my presentation (which went pretty well, by the way. I mean, I could have spewed or fainted at any given moment, but aside from that it was okay...)
amping to go on a trip to a local hardware centre and buy up the store and paint ALL THE THINGS in our house.
But then instead I happened to lie down on my bed thinking about how sore my brain was... and spent the entire next 4 hours in a coma of sweet relief.

Then I painted all these frames the next day, got my house-projects Mojo back, and moved on to the little artwork you're about to see.

DIY flower art and frame, by Amy MacLeod at blog

 I found this old wallpaper in a roll of architectural paper from back when my dad was doing drafting/engineering b'nizz back when I was just, like, a twinkle in his eye. (Cheesy-cliche record broken. *high five*).
It's like a seagrass wallpaper (I think) with deep ridges.

DIY flower art and frame, by Amy MacLeod at blog

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw a flower sketch that happened the other night, sort of by accident, and I wondered if I could immortalise it in paint, on wallpaper.

DIY flower art and frame, by Amy MacLeod at blog

Since I passionately dislike 'The Cave' as my main squeeze calls it (FYI it's our tiny pokey dark office that I plan on getting my little decor mitts onto ASAP) I often make the coffee table into my studio. It's classy, I know.

DIY flower art and frame, by Amy MacLeod at blog

I copied my sketch by eye onto the wallpaper, layered up white paint followed by coloured accents, then highlighted the black outlines with an ink pen once it was dry.
Oh and obviously this is a fictional flower that I made up - my subconscious is a colourful place. It makes me happy.
I replaced the existing sketch in this frame with the painting - my only complaint would be the slight clash of the cool-toned mat with the creamier frame.
DIY flower art and frame, by Amy MacLeod at blog

For now, this baby is hanging out a little awkwardly on the mantle until I find somewhere better to put it. 
I was struggling to get a good photo of this as it was so cloudy it felt like night-time most of the day.

DIY flower art and frame, by Amy MacLeod at blog

You can pretty much guarantee there will be projects galore now that I'm done with school - in fact I'm hoping to post every day this week.

Anyone else perfectly happy to spend their entire day doing house projects, whether art, room redos, baking? It really is my happy place.

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  1. Congratulations on finishing the course.
    I rather like the flower. It is kind of a cross between a rose and a camelia, I think.

  2. How clever, that painting is gorgeous. And congrats on finishing your architecture course, that's awesome, and I can imagine what a sense of relief it was for you. x

  3. This is so pretty- you are really really good!! I love that you did it over wallpaper- what a cool idea! Congrats on finishing the architecture course!
    I'm so glad I found your cute blog!!

  4. Wow looks so good! Thanks for stopping by, I love your blog! Now following :)

  5. Hi Amy,
    I love your blog and your viewpoint on life!
    Congratulations on your finals.
    The mirror in front of the fireplace is absolutely genius! ...even more so!!
    The white frames are beautiful and look perfect. The piece in the foyer is lovely and looks ideal in the space!

  6. How beautiful! You are so talented.
    so happy I came across your blog - now following!
    Isn’t That Charming.

  7. Those are so beautiful! =)

    <3Jo of

  8. How lovely ... this is really beautiful !

    Love Chrissi xo

  9. So beautiful! and yes I could definitely spend all day doing projects around the house...I have spent my week off doing just that, I think I was busier than if I'd been at work : )


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