A new delivery...

Maybe you saw this peek preview on Facebook or Instagram earlier today:

Urban Outfitters Rug preview, Five Kinds of Happy Blog
{that's a rug, FYI, it just happens to be under a cute notepad.}

I'm not going to go all-out with photos of the whole room because I have other projects in the works for it (to reveal later), but let's just say, thank goodness for Urban Outfitters, for cheap rugs, for geometric prints, and for FREE SHIPPING right now to Middle Earth. (Meaning New Zealand, if you lost that. Ironic seeing as we are no way near the middle and closer to the South Pole, but I'll take it.)

Our old white shag rug, which I love with all my heart, was getting a bit dirty. I used a bucket of water, detergent, and an entire can of carpet stain remover but that thing is just a ticking timebomb of uncleanliness.
White rugs, huh. Who knew........... Apparently you are not supposed to wear your muddy shoes on them? Pfft.
(You can see it here in all it's getting-slightly-grungey awesomeness.)

This new thing is oh-so-flat on it's grippy little rug-pad. So vacuuming it will be less like trying to sweep a fine-toothed comb through a forest of thick little white worms.
The worms being the piles of the shag rug. Hmm, gross analogy.


Urban Outfitters Rug preview, Five Kinds of Happy Blog

Urban Outfitters Rug preview, Five Kinds of Happy Blog

Urban Outfitters Rug preview, Five Kinds of Happy Blog

Boom, bam, shazaam, as they say. (Or is that not actually a thing?)

Tomorrow I have a 5 second chair makeover for you!
It's ridiculously simple. In fact I'm a little embarrassed to be making a whole blog post out if it.
Have I sold you on coming back tomorrow yet? I should work on that...

Anyone else got an Urban Outfitters rug? I have to say there are no similar shops around here so the fact that UO sell a huge range of apartment products that are all current really appeals to me. 
I mean, who can resist all those colourful, tacky knick-knacks at student prices?



  1. I love the rug! Great choice, and with free shipping, you can't beat that!

  2. Gorgeous! You've got to love Urban Outfitters. x

  3. Sooooo delicious ! I have got to find myself a new rug pretty soon !

    Love Chrissi xo



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