Positive Friday: Today I will...

One thing I have learnt over the past few months that has changed my whole view on.... well, my life's direction in general, is the concept of using your gifts. With that perspective, you can stop worrying about other people (and what they are good at, or better at) and focus on using just your gifts and talents.

This doodle happened on some scrap paper and maybe it will be refined or redone one day... for now I kinda like the randomness of it though.

In other news....check out my latest sponsors:

Chelsea from Fluff that nest is so similar to me (or am I similar to her?) that I think we might be the same person. The same organisey interior-designy newlywed garage-cleaner-outer person. I have loved getting to know her over the last couple of months!

I would also like to welcome La Donna Moderna to the team - they are a women's lifestyle blog that share everything from health and beauty to food and interiors!

Thanks ladies - and if anyone else is interested in sponsoring Five Kinds of Happy blog, check out the sponsorship info and send me a message. :) 

See you after the weekend!


  1. That is super cute and a great message :-). - Kelly

  2. I really like that idea, and I needed to think about that today. Thanks for sharing such a nice thought!

  3. aw yay! let's just say we're similar to each other, haha. i have seriously loved getting to know you too! and it all started with our blogging confessions, so glad i posted that. love this doodle by the way!
    p.s. i'm jealous it's friday where you are!

  4. ummm YESSSS. So true. So agree. So all about using one's gifts.


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