DIY - white frames

Allow me to begin this post with another nasty BEFORE picture to remind you why this had to happen (pretty pictures at the end):

{Okay, I have been bottling this little rant or a while, but what is it with New Zealanders and dark, depressing colours, and the colour BROWN? Have any other New Zealand designer's fought back tears of anger when they look at what "modern design" is down in this part of the world?

Do you know why I had to paint these? Because you can't buy white picture frames here.
There is no such thing as IKEA. If you do find a white picture frame, chances are it's a collage-frame in a photo shop, and you're looking at $50 a pop.}

Ok, rant over.

My mission was to transform these dark tacky veneer frames, into something light and bright and happy-looking.

I went all cheap and bought the cheapest primer and paint I could find at Bunnings... 4 coats later and it was still not covering! So I switched to the expensive stuff (meaning I drove to my parent's place and stole a can of paint from their garage. Hi Mum!) and it was all G.

Much better than brown, see?

  white picture frame by Amy MacLeod,
white picture frame by Amy MacLeod,

 I put some artwork and sketches in them - if you follow me on Instagram (amy_fivekindsofhappy) you might have seen the flower sketch in progress. :)

In another frame is some of the bizarre-ness that is my unconscious mind when I am scribbling... seriously, stuff just comes out of my hand without me knowing it.

And I have a couple frames to spare for future arty things.

I have a project in mind for where these frames will live - I'll share soon!

Are you a white-frame person????


  1. They look fabulous. I love things framed in white. Happy weekend. Amy x

  2. ahhaha I love white everything. Love the mom shout out. And the fact that you used her paint. When in doubt/ need, consult the parents.


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