I'm still working on...

...our office redo.

Office redo progress - Five Kinds of Happy blog

 Seriously, has anyone ever done an office redo? Was it nearly impossible to fuse good-looking with functional? Maybe I'm just being paranoid but something about non-matching stationary and ugly filing cabinet that pokes out from under the giant faux-beech desk makes me all kinds of blogger-nervous. 

You see, our office is real. 
(I mostly mean messy.)
...ah, Pinterest and it's flawless sleek lucite perfections that noone could ever actually work in.....
I say Pfffft to that.

If our office ends up a mixture of beechy veneer and tacky neon accessories from the local tweenage store, so be it. (Who am I kidding. I love those neon accessories. And you shall see more of them right here when this room is finito!)


  1. Yes it's so hard to mix the fun with the functional - I'm definitely not one of the pinterest lucite types as my desk is always strewn with cotton and findings from my jewellery making, they must have a 'messy drawer' that they throw it all into : )

    Loving those pics above your desk, it looks like a really peaceful and creative place to work x

  2. I totally get what you're saying! How do you make a bulky printer look sexy? Yours is coming together quite lovely though.

  3. So know what you mean!! So frustrating when presentation has to give way to function. Best when you can find solutions which blend the two, which definitely isn't always easy to do. Love what you've done so far though! Looking so great!

  4. What a beautiful blog....coming over from Tiffany's. Your office is looking great. yes, it is tricky to mix functional with beautiful but it can be done! I love your painting (that you posted about on a previous post).

  5. I absolutely agree! My husband and I share one room for the office and it is a total mess. It looks like you've done a great job of pretty and functional.

  6. Tell me about it! And try squeezing a home gym in the same room! Uggghh.

    I bet all the ones we see on pinterest look nothing like that on a day to day basis.

    I like what you've done so far and look forward to seeing it finished.


  7. I love the neon accessories too! I think your office will turn out great no matter what because you have a great eye for color. You are probably paying attention to the details that won't stand out to others.

    I absolutely love the airiness and playfulness of your home as a whole! Very inspiring - I enjoy these home project posts a lot!


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