The Cave re-do: Progress

Helloooo world,

What's up?
I have been hidden in the dark depths of the earth (also known as our Cave/office) painting my soul away.
Seriously, 3 coats were needed to cover the existing kack-green walls even though they are a light colour. I have no idea why that happened when every other room I've painted has only needed 2 (even over dark blues and fluro greens), but whatever, the painting part is finally DONE now and the room is on it's way to becoming less cave-like.

I thought I'd pop in and show you the progess so far - it's definitely lighter,brighter, and less clashy... but in need of some serious colour and styling love.

The blue curtains are gone and the walls are now a cream colour. I have yet to put up some different curtains (or decided if we want a blind instead) and obviously, the room is not styled or tidied yet. 

The shelves:

I did my best to de-clutter the shelves and it's looking a bit more light-weight over that side of the room... even if a little blah right now.

The cord situation:

 Most of this update consisted of me on my hands and knees cursing beneath the desk, getting these cords untangled and replacing the massive industrial yellow one with something small and tidy, fixing it to the wall and getting the rest out of sight. The thing with an old house is we have only one power point in each room.
And for the record, this rug is purely functional (for the wheely chair).

The walls:
Oh the humanity. This 'gallery wall' attempt didn't last long as it was a heinous decor crime. It does make for a dramatically awful before-picture though.

Clearly, this room still looks like an office. A practical, useful, economics-book filled office.... the kind only a man would use. 
*evil eye*
Which is why I am going to give myself a little while to live with this, and figure out some real good-looking ideas that would make it blog-worthy. I don't want to rush it or post a 'Room Reveal' (which always sounds so dramatic) unless it actually IS dramatic. Keeping it real folks. Keeping it real whilst looking for gold and silver ornaments and fluffy pink flowers.


  1. You're making some great progress, it's going to be such a cute lil work space when you're done! Keep up the good work. xo

  2. Feels better already. Much more light and bright!

  3. WOW. Never ceases to amaze me what a coat of paint can do!!! That alone transformed the feel of the room. Also mad props for wrestling with all those cords. Truly. You've made it look a million times better in there already, can't wait to see any more changes you make!

  4. I can't wait to see this come together. Love all the progress I've seen so far!! :)


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