Happy Random Weekend

You know what? I have loved blogging lately.
You know why? Because of you.

(Was that as cheesy to you as it was to me?)

But seriously, ever since I poured out my vulnerable guts in this post: The Truth about Blogging, I have been way happier here. Perspective = flipped. And you guys are AWESOME.

It's the weekend here in little old NZ and I am heading into the LAST WEEK of my architecture course... not quite sure what I will be doing after that week.....eek. But my heart is pitterpattering at the thought of learning how to socialise again... and doing things around our house that I can share here. (And maybe getting a job, or maybe launching myself into interior design... who knows).

For now, here's a little peek of the inside of my brain at this very moment:

Virtual lounge design by Amy MacLeod - five Kinds of Happy blog
 {White floral H&M cushions; Urban Outfitter scallop rug; flamingo painting source unknown}

I have a few ideas up my little sleevies.

Oh yeah, end-of-school here I come!

Before I go, the point of this random post was actually to say:

1. I kind of love you
2. I have updated our home tour page
3. I have a zillion ideas in my head and don't know how to structure them into a post. (Maybe next week)


  1. You're so funny Amy, there is so much personality in your posts! Congratulations on finishing your architecture course!!!! Write down all of your ideas so you can make sense of them, big lists always help me. Yels x

  2. Wow that looks great! I'm off to check out your updated house tour woop woop! Happy weekend. And we love you back ;)

  3. Too tired to write more, suffice it to say: loveeee itttttt.

  4. Amy sweetie what software do you use to produce this room plan ... I have been looking online to do something like this and haven't found anything that allows me to pull in some of the things that I like from around the internet ... Please let me know !!!

    Love Chrissi xo


  5. You made it to the finish line! Yea! Enjoyed your home tour. Keep those good ideas coming.


Thanks for your comment. You are awesome!