White buffet: Living Room update 2

This post starts UGLY and then gets pretty. I promise.

We bought this buffet second-hand when we first moved into this place. I love the style and colour of it, but it turned into a collection spot for things that looked terrible everywhere else......

Oooh, nasty.

Funny enough, they also looked terrible on the buffet. But I didn't really have the time or energy to do much about it.
The buffet is right by the front door - and this end of the buffet became a dumping ground for whatever we brought into the house:

Check out our little catch-all for keys and pocket-junk:

Delicious, right?
As you can see, the buffet came in a USED condition and even though I wiped it thoroughly with spray-and-wipe, there were a lot of marks that wouldn't come out. Only this weekend, after I don't know.... 9 months of owning it, did I think to SCRUB it hard with an abrasive cleaner and a scrubbing brush. Much better.

And then I got all that nasty junk off the top of it, snapped up a white mirror on sale (40% off, making it come it at $60.... not bad for a large new mirror. The height of our tall ceilings makes it kind of shrivel away into the wallscape, but it's actually pretty big!)

Once all the junk was clear, I realised that all I really want on this side of the room, is white. And maybe some greenery. But I definitely want it to be serene, clean, and simple. We're moving into Summer here in New Zealand and that cluttered look isn't working for me anymore.

Here is the simplified result:

White buffet: interior by Amy MacLeod
 {This is the view from the sofa which also received a simplifying-makeoever in this post.}

White buffet: interior by Amy MacLeod

The bamboo mat ties into the natural wood-work in the house, and the books are antiques from my lovely Grandma.
White buffet: interior by Amy MacLeod

I also added these 3 simple gold hooks to the wall by the front door, below. Secretly I am getting a real buzz out of making this space more FUNCTIONAL as well as pretty. Hopefully these hooks will prevent some of the clutter and make our lives more efficient.

White buffet: interior by Amy MacLeod

That's all folks. Isn't it liberating to see what simplifying a space can do?
Originally I wanted a gallery wall here, but I'm so glad to have this clean and simple look instead.
Plus I have always had a thing for WHITE: especially beautiful when combined with simple, natural wood (which our house is rolling in).

White buffet: interior by Amy MacLeod

I lied, that isn't all.
Turns out I just freakin LOVE using my SLR camera. Even on a cloudy day, everything appears light and bright.
White buffet: interior by Amy MacLeod

White with gold knobs = my thing.

Has anyone else been enjoying simplifying their decor lately? Or culling down the colours in favour of white?

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!


  1. La ... AMAZING I love white too and gold my fav thing ... Oh this is sooooo simple but lovely ... I need to revamp my mantel above the fireplace too many photoframes ... i'll have to post a picture to show you :)

    Love Chrissi xo


  2. The buffet is so pretty! The gold nobs are fab. And its amazing what a little simplifying can do, it looks great!

  3. it looks great!! and love gold on white too!

  4. Very inspiring! I love the transformation. I think I need to go clear out some clutter now. :)

  5. this is gorgeous! love, love love.

  6. Oh my gosh!! Absolutely love what you did there!! Obviously, simplifying = love for me, but the end result really does feel so much more serene, clean, and overall just lovely. Perfection A+!

  7. That looks amazing, so much better. And you still have a little bowl for keys and things. x

  8. This look so much better. Those gold hooks by the front door are going to be so handy! Yels xox


  9. I just love this!! It looks so great! White is my favorite color (and black!) our whole apartment is practically white! My husband always teases me for how much I use white. we live in a tiny 500 square foot apartment in NYC so I have had to be really creative with our limited space but I used a lot of white and a lot of mirrors to make everything feel bigger than it is. Great job on your place, would love to see photos of the whole house :)

    Love from NYC,



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  10. I LOVE the little area. The simplicity is perfection. I adore all things gold recently.


Thanks for your comment. You are awesome!