Making your house work for you - Bedside Tables pt 1

I've said it a zillion times (or at least once here) - I believe in making your home WORK for you.
Obviously, making things look pretty is every designer's crack. But you know what's hard?
Living somewhere allll the time, and keeping it pretty.
Don't know about you but we tend to 'un-style' our spaces on a daily basis... because.... we use our things.
I know, it's terrible.
Pinterest would be mortified.

Here's the first part in the 'Making your house work for you' series: Bedside tables. 
Do you have absolutely zero crap on your bedside table? Do you have space there for fresh bouquets of flowers, glass domes, and small ceramic and brass animals?
If you answered no to any of the above then EXCELLENT. Because who does..

Bedside Table storage and organization solution - Amy MacLeod

I recently found myself getting so frustrated with design/styling of our bedside tables. This was purely because we NEED things there. This is the husband's side, and I was dealing with clutter from:
- Lotion
- Tissues
- Books
- Notepads
- Pens
- Lamps
- Random items like torches, batteries, keys... whatever.

The solution? A vessel for the little bitsies, that can ALSO hold the big bits. In this case, a loose vintage drawer.. (We have 2 and the other was used for a similar purpose on our coffee table). I've found normal trays aren't deep enough to hide anything, whereas this successfully conceals the tissue box, and pens etc floating around inside. It also keeps all the books upright, accessible, and neatly in one place instead of piled up.

Bedside Table storage and organization solution - Amy MacLeod

That's part 1 of bedside table solutions - I'll be back next time with 2 more tricks, including for the pesky phone charger chord that's always lurking around these areas!

What are your bedside table tricks and tips? Share in the comments!


  1. Love this tip! So chic! I'm a big fan of using small drawers as trays. You are right the depth does make them much more efficient for holding all those little things. What a great solution for a bedside table.

  2. Amy, I love this! SO TRUE. No little brass animals on my bedside. I end up having my lamp, lotion, cell phone and lots of ponytail holders and maybe a book just thrown on there. And if I have flowers or something sweet I want to put on my nightstand I just throw everything else on the ground. Haha! Pintereste would definitely be blushing.

  3. Love this idea! I wish my bedside looked as pretty everyday as it did in my instagram shots but the sad reality is that it doesn't. Looking forward to your next post on how to hide my practical but not so photo worthy phone charger!


  4. I have put a four-way powerboard in my top drawer so my chargers live in there and that means less clutter and leads everywhere.


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