Hey all.

I like photos like this that show real life: 
honest living room blogging
This is where I sit right at this moment. Points of note:

1. I killed the pot plant :(

2. Not that you can tell, but I shaved my legs. I know, I know. *bow*

3. There is crap all over the sideboard... yet this is what I consider a good crap day. You should see it on an ordinary crap day.

(4. That word is uncouth. I should stop saying it. *zip*)

5. I just went on a run. It was embarrassingly brief. Ever go on a run and walk for a while just to take up a few extra minutes, so that your neighbours don't see you returning to your property after only 7 minutes? Beet-faced and sweaty? Panting like a buffalo? While they sit in their lounge and peer out the windows with their stopwatches??? No?? Guys, you're making me feel like this is not normal or something.

6. Oh maaan. Decisions. I hate them. Choosing what to wear is bad enough. But business decisions? Ugh. I think I overwhelm myself at least 3 times a day. MAKE A PLAN AMY. MAKE A FLAWLESS PLAN THAT WILL ALLOW YOU TO BE REALLY REALLY REALLY SUCCESSFUL AND GOOD-LOOKING. Just kidding about the good-looking part. That's what my 7-minute runs are for.

7. Pity running can't do anything for my hair or nose.

8. This post has got out of hand. It's VERY unprofessional. This is the kind of thing that makes me stressed about business decisions. Suppose I launch a very professional design company. Suppose it needs a blog to go alongside it. Suppose I can't change my writing style and keep talking like this. Suppose the company looses all credibility and no-one takes it seriously. Suppose my wealthy middle-aged clients look down on me. Or worse, suppose I DON'T have a blog and the whole business endeavour bores myself to tears, and then I just throw in the towel and have babies.
Because babies aren't work.
No. They are, like, so easy.
It wouldn't be hard at all.
I wouldn't be sleep deprived.
Or stressed.


In all seriousness...... this IS all serious.

P.S You may have noticed on Instagram and Twitter I have changed my name to BIRD Interiors. It's still me, promise. And I will reveal more about that in the near future. First I have some decisions to make. More info soon.

P.P.S More 'making your house work for you' posts are on their way too!


  1. Haha I always feel like my neighbors are judging the length of my runs. I be sure to at least be running on my way out and on my way in. That way I feel like they might assume I just full speed sprinted those 7 minutes!

  2. Aw love, I gotta admire the honesty. I'm brutal at decisions as well. I get nervous at subway when they ask what toppings I want! You will do amazing things. Do not stress!

  3. Great post. I think you're even more hilarious when you sort of let yourself go. Kudos!

  4. I love this post Amy! I've had the exact same thoughts when it comes to my neighbours and running. I'm a terrible runner. Now I just cycle in the privacy of my basement and make them wonder what my secret is ... that is when I'm not pregnant and having those super easy babies:) Don't worry, I caught the sarcasm. You'll do great Amy - don't stress too much. If there's one thing I know about you it's that you truly are an artist, so you'll find a way to conquer the business side of things too.


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