Making your home work for you: office desktop organization


I loved reading some of the responses to my last post. For the record, today I ran 25 minutes in the rain without stopping. It hurt and I wanted to vom. Which I hear the sign of a truly incredible run...?

Moving on...

Making your home work FOR YOU. 
Don't you love when something/someone works for you?!

Here's a secret: our office is tiny, and it gets messy really easily. You can see the whole of our office here. 
Husband and I are both those creative, ideas-ridden type of people who always have a new project we're working on... and we both base our projects out of this tiny room with one desk. You can imagine the chaos when half-painted canvases meet stacks of paperwork, notebooks, etc.

Here's what has been working for us in terms of desktop organization. It's quite simple really:

making your home work FOR you series: office desktop organization

1. Folder files on the desk top

This would seem to be the only way we can remotely organize our 'in-progress' things. Each file is labelled, we have:
  • 'to file' (pretty self-explanatory)
  • 'Amy' - I have about 4 notebooks for various topics (Motivation Book, Business Ideas, Project records, etc), AND about 5 manilla folders to each hold a different category of loose papers. (Fabric orders, Client file, official business docs)
  • 'Calum' - the same, but with his stuff
  • other /reading - business books and magazines that we are currently/nearly reading, and spare notepads so they are always there to grab.
(oh and those black chords poking out are part of my Bamboo drawing tablet that happens to live in the 'to file' box. #smallhouseproblems )

making your home work FOR you series: office desktop organization
It's nothing revolutionary, but it's a whole lot better than having literal stacks of paper on the desk and makes each item more accessible.

2. A big fat pen holder
Doesn't hurt if it's good-looking.

making your home work FOR you series: office desktop organization

I bet you already have one of these, but what I've found is that having ONE is best. Previously we had 3 separate compartments for different things, and it got kinda ridiculous.... now we just stick everything including USBs in here, and then we know its all in the one place.

Simple fixes. Very simple. 

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