Easy floral cushion DIY

This bright, soft floral cotton caught my eye the other day in a fabric shop. I was planning to make a step-by-step instructional post on how to make this simple cushion cover, but then ended up sewing it inside-out, so my 'instructional' photos will lead you down a very wrong path. This was all due to impatience, but what can I say, when a lady needs a cushion, she needs a cushion. 

Easy floral cushion // Amy MacLeod, Five Kinds of Happy

Tip 1: Choose a distracting, bright pattern that disguises your lumpy cushion inner

Easy floral cushion // Amy MacLeod, Five Kinds of Happy

Tip 2: Overlockers are not forgiving. 

Tip 3: If you sew a seam inside out... just cover it with a sneaky strip of fabric and stitch it right on over the mess-up. 

Easy floral cushion // Amy MacLeod, Five Kinds of Happy
Tip 4: She'll be right, mate.
Just wing it, I say.

Easy floral cushion // Amy MacLeod, Five Kinds of Happy

Really, it's gorgeous fabric. 
The blue room was my room model for the day, but ultimately it will end up somewhere at The Nest (our house) and I'll show you that when I can.

It's Friday here and I plan to stay inside all. day. long. There is a crazy storm outside, as all you Wellingtonians will know! This is one of those days where it is absolutely amazing to have no appointments and lots of jobs to get done inside. What are you up to?



  1. Love the pattern! Really brightens things up!

  2. Oh my goodness...so perfect for spring and summer. Love the floral pattern!

  3. That fabric is lovely! And I really like the simple grid duvet. Where is it from?
    Also, I wanted to let you know I nominated you for a Liebster Award! You can read about it in my blog post today. http://www.splendidactually.com/2013/06/liebster-award.html I hope you will accept!

  4. What a GORGEOUS pillow! I don't think I have EVER sewn anything without an 'oopsie' involved ... just recently it was 'darn, I have the wrong thread'. Guess it makes us 'problem solve' better faster (bionic-like woman?!).

    Ada | http://adasinteriordesign.com/blog


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