Confessions of a Kiwi: going abroad to Nantucket

Hi everyone,
Long time no hear!
We're back from the States after 2 weeks in Nantucket and New York thanks to my husband's very generous employers. I have been through the States on my way to Europe several times but haven't been outside LAX since I was 4 years old (whereas the husband played basketball there right through college). So needless to say it was an eye-opener for me. Just a few things:

1. I don't recommend getting food poisoning on a long haul flight. Still traumatised. Getting put on oxygen is meant to be a rush, but needing to spew into the mask dampens that thrill a little bit.

2. When you have 4 connecting flights to get to your destination, allow at least 5 hours to get through JKF airport in New York City. That's 1 hour buffer + 4 hours in queue. Seriously... don't try to do it in 30 mins.

3. If however, you only have 30 minutes, it helps if your husband is a tallllll basketballer and can charm the airport staff into letting you in at the front of the queue. Like, those other 1000 people will just have to wait.

4. Nantucket isn't part of New York. So when you are posting Instagram pictures about how you are in 'Nantucket, New York' just stop it. It's embarrassing for everybody. (I promise to pay more attention next time I go to America).

5. Nantucket is ridiculous charming
We started our journey here, in Pleasantville aka the ridiculously wealthy picture-book that is Nantucket Island. For a New Zealander, seeing ginormous SUVs driving on tiny cobblestones streets, driven by petite little blonde ladies who looks like 4 year olds in the front seat.... is just ridiculous. You can't drive faster than about 30ks in Nantucket, yet the SUVs were bigger than any New Zealand ute on its way to build fences in the wops. And they were just going to get coffee down the road.... *Kiwi mind blown*

{you should try riding a bike over these cobbles and not getting a hernia}

6. Go biking. It's worth it because you get a basket on the front, and who doesn't want that?

Nantucket Island observations
7. About coffee.... only go to Island Coffee. ONLY. They won't have a Flat White, but they will have a latte, which is more than most diners.
Nantucket Island observations

 7. All the houses look the same and are covered in wood shingles.
It's the law. Actually.
Nantucket Island observations
"I live in the one with grey shingles"

Nantucket Island observations

8. When you have jetlag and are up at 4am, go for a walk outside wearing just your husband's jersey as a dress. All the other people wearing Louis Vuitton and driving SUVs to their super-yachts will be totally jealous of your carefree lifestyle.
Also, get coffee again.

Coming up:
An Ice Cream Sundae Milk Bar 50's Pool Party

Isn't Nantucket surreal and picturesque?! I want to be there right now. 

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