Winter Interlude

I like that word - interlude.

You know when there is so much going on in your life, and yet you spend your days just waiting?

You know when you decide you want to be an interior designer and then you get a load of architectural drafting job opportunities plonked in your lap out of nowhere and you suck at decisions?

You know when you are starting a company but you can't decide on a name that covers all the amazing creative services you want to provide? And it has to be generic enough to appeal to everyone? But different enough to make you feel happy with it? And it can't be feminine because engineers are your main clients?

And you know when you suddenly decide you want to build a desk?
And you can't build?
And you don't even know what you were thinking?
But now you've ordered a giant slab of wood so you are commited?

You know?

Tongariro Chateau by Amy @ Five Kinds of Happy

We spent the weekend skiing with my humongous amazing friendly bubbly did I say HUMONGOUS family at Ruapehu. I have about 50 cousins, yo. And not really any photos to prove it, but the château (above) is kind of amazing in itself.

And when I say skiing, I mean cramping my leg muscles and painfully scraping down the learner slope at 0.1 kph. And then getting MOWN DOWN by a chairlift (I could be exagerrating) and landing in a puddle of DIESEL GREASE from a snowmobile and getting it all over my new snow gear.

You know when you agree to go skiing and you can't actually ski?
And little kids are flying past you?
And they are 2 years old and better than you?

You know?

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