Jul 26, 2013

Making your Home Work for You: the Bedding edition

Here's a trick I picked up at a hotel in New York that is currently making our bedding so much easier to deal with. If you have a big bed you are no doubt already aware how annoying it can be to change the duvet cover - we love having a duvet but we found that the duvet would slip around inside the duvet and bunch up at one end. Not cool when your husband is a bedding perfectionist and is wrenching the bedding around all night trying to sort it out.

Here's how it works - looks like a normal bed, right?

Making your Home work for You - bedding

Making your Home work for You - bedding

Making your Home work for You - bedding

But check this out:

Making your Home work for You - bedding

Yep, that's the convenience of a duvet inner, with a top sheet to protect it, and a super lightweight bedcover over top to protect it on the outside. You only need to wash the sheet, and don't have to wrestle with that gigantor of a duvet to try to fit it in a cover. For us, it's a win-win - plus, I love a white bed.

The yellow Dwell Studio cover you see on the end of the bed in this pic is American sizing and too big for our duvet inner, but it fits our comforter perfectly so is used just for that.

Hope the tip is useful!

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