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Hey friends!

There are a few little things around our house that are TOTAL GAME CHANGERS for keeping the place neat and organised.

And you know who is an organization buff?
If you have organizational ocd of any kind, you are going to be salivating over her blog. She does that bi'nizz professionally! (organzing, not having ocd ;)
Or even if you don't, trust me, you are going to be feeling all smug and satisfied seeing the before-and-after's of formerly chaotic spaces. You may just get an amazing tip or 2 as well.

(drawn out much?)
I'm sharing over on her blog today, 3 tips that have been game-changers in our house. Here's one of 'em:

Shoe rack

Click the link below to see the rest,

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  1. Amy!! Thank you so much again for participating. I absolutely loved your simple systems.


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