Positive Friday: Let it slide

Oh, I love to be perfect.
To have a toilet that smells of freshly squeezed limes, fresh baking stored in a cookie jar, a stocked fridge and permanently vacuumed floor. To spend every day dressed, with lovely hair and makeup, because you never know who could knock on the door. (UPS? I'm ready.)

But I'm not perfect. Although I do tend to expect myself to be.
So, I'm learning this:

Positive Friday - Amy MacLeod

{tho I'm probably not going to do it very well, let's be honest.}

Sometimes you can leave the dishes til tomorrow, and give yourself permission to not beat yourself up about it. Sometimes.

Here's to the weekend, imperfection, and answering the door in your PJs,

Happy Positive Friday!


Thanks for your comment. You are awesome!