Feb 6, 2013

How to style a coffee table: the real deal

I don't know guys, think I MIGHT have just figured out some basics of Coffee Table Styling 101.
And I think neon-peach gladioli have pretty much everything to do with it.

How to style a coffee table, by Amy MacLeod

You know how you can live with things set up a certain way for a whole year and just can't figure out why you hate them so much and feel filled with designer-angst every time you look at them?
And then one day by accident it all comes together with the help of, say, an old loose wooden drawer and a flower from your garden?

How to style a coffee table, by Amy MacLeod

I fell in love with these 2 little old loose wooden drawers that I found, and only just realised that they are perfect for containing all those boring things like glasses and tissue boxes. Because no matter how much you try to style the crap out of everything in your house, you are still going to need somewhere to put the tissues; and after living in denial for a year, you will have to admit that keeping those things in a wardrobe is simply not practical.

How to style a coffee table, by Amy MacLeod

So shove them in an ancient empty drawer, I say.
It actually doesn't bother me that the drawer is not meant to be seen from the back and therefore completely unfinished. It even has a carpenter's writing on it. I kind of like it like that - it's DIFFERENT and I'm soo over trying to make everything fit into other people's ideas and trends ala Pinterest. (Seriously, I have tried and tried to follow this tray trend, but for the life of me I cannot make them look anything but silly and out of place with jewellery and books on them. Drawers, however..)

How to style a coffee table, by Amy MacLeod

I loosely followed the rules of styling that we all know and love. 1) Group into threes 2) Something tall, something wide, 3) A mixture of angular, curved, and 'sculptural' (e.g. flower) lines.

I think all that's missing is something brass, and I really wish this white hardcover book had giant golden gilt writing on the front. Like,whoever wrote it was selfishly not thinking of my coffee table styling needs.

How to style a coffee table, by Amy MacLeod

That's it.
I think the neon-peach gladioli just make it all work - probably because they provide the height and the unexpected shape compared to all the square and straight things on the table.

I love a quirky touch that has nothing to do with current trends, and if that comes by accident it's all the better - do you agree??


  1. This is darling. Simple and clean- letting those details like the carpenter's writing and the little flowers on the bowl really shine. Such a happy accident :)

  2. It's so pretty! I totally know how you feel about the designer angst. Love the wooden drawer, it's perfect there!

  3. Love the coffee table now, especially that little pink vase! The shape is great and totally reminds me of one of my fave lamps: http://www.shopfurbish.com/servlet/the-1040/Gem-Lamp--dsh--Pink/Detail?category=Lighting

  4. I love the drawer idea - so creative and it looks great! That vase is pretty neat too. :)

  5. Your house is beautiful, you are really talented :).

    Rachael xx.

    P.s. I'm loving your blog :).



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