Life, business plans, and Interior Design

Sharing pictures of this creepy golden calf makes me feel like I can justify making you read an obligatory update about my life right now.

{Calf / half-price Christmas-reindeer-ornament-that-turned-out-much-more-tacky-than-I-anticipated - whatever}
For those who have been left in the lurch about where all this magical Interior Designer quest I've been on has ended up, let me just explain briefly that yes, I have completed one 'real' project for a client that was a total learning curve for me. 

{I will say here that creating a moodboard for the interwebs, and creating an ACTUAL design for an ACTUAL person who has needs and tastes and wants of their own, are two very different things. I want to write some posts solely on this learning-curve topic but as my current blog title has absolutely no SEO capabilities I'm not sure how smart that would be. New blog for sharing Interior Designer findings and start-up tips, perhaps?? What do you think??}

The final product was an actual physical package that I enjoyed creating a lot - I will share the details of that at a later date. When the project wound up I had learnt a LOT already but still had a long list of things to do:

- register a company name
-create a logo
-create a branding plan
-design a website
-network with the correct groups
-market the brand
- LEARN everything possible about the market
- develop packages
- develop a clear, professional process no particular order....

{I like to think that reading house mags is on the list too.}
I've also just started temporary full-time work in my field of qualification which is Architectural Technology. It's uber challenging and taking up most of my time at the moment.

I'm struggling with finding a clear direction for this blog. I like things to fit in boxes, and I can't tell if this is the place for interior design tips, pictures of my own house, or business plans, or what??? 
Originally 'Five Kinds of Happy' was just a place for all the varied things that made me happy, but more recently that has narrowed down to just ONE thing really (interior design). The whole concept of it is starting to confuse even myself!

I think I feel the same way about this blog as I do about furniture: I always want to change things and make it new and fresh. Obviously that means moving to wordpress and having a whole new clean design, but the logistics of that....and the POINT of all that work?? No idea.

Do you get me, or am I rambling and sleep-deprived?


  1. I love this post, you're in the middle of such an exciting time! I'm so curious to hear more about this learning curve you experienced with your first client. If I could do it all over again, I would go to school for Interior Design. So, I love reading your blog and living vicariously through your experience, especially with all of the great humor thrown in! :) And I do really enjoy your blog because it is mostly about ID, actually. I like seeing your home projects and I have liked reading about your school projects and move towards the career world. So... I really don't think you need to change much, especially when you've got so much on your plate with the new business. Hope this helps!

  2. It's like you wrote this post for me! I've struggled quite a bit on what my blog should be. I started out with two blogs - one personal and one design. But keeping two blogs up-to-date was too much hassel. Then I decided to switch over to Splendid Actually; one blog about me and the splendid little things I love. I write what's on my heart + I write about amazing spaces and products. Somewhere in the world, there are people that want to see both things. And for the people that don't, then can choose what they want to see by using the labels.


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