Interior Design Fabric samples

There is little in this world that makes me happier than the arrival of beautiful fabric samples from the other side of the world.

I mean other than peace, love, and happy families, of course.

Fabric samples - Amy MacLeod

Here's one of my favourites: I believe it's by Amy Butler and I've already decided it's going in the bedroom of my future daughter. 
Kid doesn't get a choice, yo.
Fabric samples - Amy MacLeod
 {Unless I steal it for myself, to wrap it around existing lampshades in a bulky experimental mess, that is.}

Fabric samples - Amy MacLeod
 {... or to spread on the bed and pretend it's a throw. Because sometimes you just need to see ALL THE WAYS.}

Oh, and  here's something new to me. These handy dandy coloured dots along the edge of each piece of fabric, showing every single thread colour in the fabric. Is this new or where have I been???
All you fabric buffs, holla atcha gurl.

(...just when you thought fabric couldn't be gangsta...)

Fabric samples - Amy MacLeod

Extreeeemely handy for seeing exactly how the fabric could tie into a colour scheme.

Fabric samples - Amy MacLeod
  And kinda pretty too, in a spotty sort of way.
Like m&ms.

My 2 favourites are below, by P Kaufmann and Amy Butler.
I love them both, although I have no plans for either of them just yet.
(Except for the lampshade idea above. That could be kinda amazing with a linen headboard and white duvet, yahhhh?)
Any other ideas?!

Fabric samples - Amy MacLeod

I'm slowly building my fabric empire piece by piece, hoping to file away enough of a collection that I can have some for clients, and be able to instantly recall one at the right time.
"Ohhhh yes darling, I have just the one in Citrine Brissac Jewel for you in a 500 thread count linen and it's positively gorrrrrgeous" how I imagine saying it.

Because speaking that way in real life is not awkward at all.

Are you a fabric nut too?
Any favourite sources and suppliers I should know about?!

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  1. I've never seen the colored dots done before! Stinkin genius.

    ps. those fabrics? my poor little heart is swooning.


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