So far this year....

I am kind of aware that the date of this post falls at a time when 99% of the population are away on holiday and won't be reading it.
I myself will be roughing it sleeping in a tent, but whatever, here's a recap of 2012.

Don't you agree that New Years resolutions can be daunting? I feel like we spend so much time striving forward like "Next year I'll be like that person" "Next summer I'll wear my bikini on the beach without shorts because next summer I won't have -ahem- 'orange peel' texture on my thighs"...

... sometimes, just sometimes, all that looking forward can distract you from feeling any satisfaction or contentment with what you have already achieved.

Just this once, I want to look back and remind myself what a year on this blog has accomplished. Here are the things I am grateful for in 2012!

1. Marrying my babe. Cue the relief that this Summer will be spent without a wedding spreadsheet in sight! Weeee!

2. My first room redo (and complete installation and paint job) for someone else's house, in a 4-day stretch.

3. Owning our first humble abode: this little place (photo from our letterbox redo).4. Working through our house, sprucing up the inside one room at a time, including this transformation of the entryway area:

5. Various updates on our living room (which is still in progress and will be revealed in the new year):

(I am currently working on our bedroom and office too.)

 6. After finishing architecture studies, having time to get back into painting and other art.

7. Gaining a whooole new perspective and passion for this little blog.

Looking back on 2012 makes me so grateful.
I'm learning that life - as a whole - is largely out of our control. All we can do is hope, plan, and learn to be content in any situation. This entire year was a blessing.

How do you rate 2012? An up? A down? A crazy ride?

What's in the year to come? Well, for me, there are some big plans. I'll be back to share them tomorrow :)


  1. Amy! What a fabulous year you had in 2012. I feel like getting married and getting your first place in one year is quite the accomplishment and big life changes! I am so impressed by how far your place has come in such a short time. Here is to 2013! xo

  2. I love that you took the time to appreciate the passing year! You are right, we so often hurry onto the next that we miss what is happening right in front of us. 2012 was seriously crazy. I graduated college, turned 25 and bought a house. Not to mention moving back in with my parents for 4 months in the process! Looking forward to 2013 with high hopes!

  3. So love what you wrote here. Really beautiful and so true. We do have this habit of looking forward to the "better selves" we will be, often not giving enough attention to what we have already become and accomplished. Happy new year!

  4. Thanks for following me on twitter. I absolutely love your blog...+ your fresh aesthetic. I'm so glad to find you. Congrats on a fabulous year. Cheers to the new one ahead!

  5. You've had such a special year! Your home is one of my favorites. Just beautiful. I want to come visit :) Praying for many more blessings in 2013! xoxo


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